Review Corsair CV Series CV550 Power Supply
Corsair CV Series CV550 Power Supply
The CORSAIR CV CP-9020210-NA  power supply is ideal for operating your new home or office computer with a bronze efficiency of over 80 to continuously power your system. Modern computer cases, black box cables and black powder coated caps perfectly match your computer style.

High efficiency
The CV Series is certified Bronze Plus 80 and delivers 88% efficiency to reduce heating and energy costs.

Continuous and reliable output
Like all CORSAIR power supplies, the CV series offers exactly what it promises: It delivers full and continuous capacity, regardless of the type of electricity you choose.

Quiet operation
Only when the power source is under intense pressure, the thermally controlled low-noise fan with a diameter of 120 mm can rotate at a high speed.

Compact design
CV series containers are only 125mm long and ensure easy installation in almost every modern computer bag.

Corsair CV Series CV550 Power Supply Specs
  • Efficiency of over 80 certified bronze provides an operating efficiency of 88%, generates less heat and reduces energy costs
  • The CORSAIR CV series provides the maximum nominal capacity
  • Only when the high-pressure power supply is braked to achieve quiet operation under a lower load, the low-noise fan, controlled by a constant temperature, can rotate at a high speed of 120 mm.
  • The 125mm-long case ensures ease of installation in almost all modern computer cases
  • The black cover and the black powder coated cap cable match perfectly with your computer style

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