Review Crosstour CR700 FHD Dashcams for Cars
Crosstour CR700 FHD Dashcams for Cars

Crestor Dash - the best travel companion
It is recommended to purchase a TF Class 10 SDHC card (not included) up to 10 GB.
The internal battery is used only for backup. A continuous power supply is required during use. The device turns off quickly during shutdown, which is normal.
When connected to a laptop computer, "large memory" appears on the screen and does not respond when I press a key. this is normal. Please connect the driving recorder to the car to operate normally.
  • Novatek NT96650 (CPU)
  • Sony Exmor IMX323 image sensor
  • Super F1.8 opening
  • 170 degree wide angle
  • Integrated G sensor
  • Super night vision
  • Delicate mesh design
  • HDR (high dynamic range)
1080P FHD plus HDR
Sony Exmor IMX323 image sensor records excellent 1080p videos at 30fps. HDR (High Dynamic Range) can adjust exposure to create balanced images and images so that the camera performs better in all lighting conditions.

Great viewing angle
The 170 ° wide angle provides 6 channels coverage, which means more detailed and wider view. In the event of a collision, accident or conflict, your security rights are better protected.

G sensor
When the built-in gravity sensor detects a collision, the current video is locked to ensure no critical images are overwritten by loop recording.

Sensitive motion detection provides 24-hour protection
In standby mode, when connected to a car battery or a continuous power source, the camera automatically begins recording once a moving target is detected within the target area, preventing the car from being scratched or stolen.
Review Crosstour CR700 FHD Dashcams for Cars
Crosstour CR700 FHD Dashcams for Cars

Precise design
The low CR700 design makes for a good hidden sight on the road. Sufficient video evidence must be provided in case of insurance or disputes.

Hidden side cylindrical wonderful and unique
Its unique design ensures its compact size.
He hid behind the central mirror and worked. Most of the time, you will forget that it is there.
Adjustable installation and leveling

The lamp can be tilted and rotated for multi-angle shots.
The USB port is in the suction cup. So you can connect the charging cable to the body and the suction cup in the tachograph.

Maximum supported card size, excluding card)
Class 10, SDHC, TF card, 32GB maximum Format the card on a 64K FAT32 computer before use and then reformat it on the same device.

Crosstour CR700 FHD Dashcams for Cars Specs
  • 1080P 170 ° Ultra Wide Angle With 1080 Full HD lens and 170 ° Ultra Wide Angle, even if you are driving at high speed, your car camera can provide clearer video / photo clips.
  • Infrared Night Vision with IMX323 Sensor - Combining two infrared night vision devices with a greater than F1.8 aperture ensures clarity of an HDR image at night.
  • Flawless Automatic Recorder With Periodic Recording Contains Track Recording. The oldest unlocked video is automatically replaced to ensure continuous recording.
  • Built-in G sensor and emergency protection function - The car's camera can detect vibration / sudden collisions and lock lock automatically, which prevents writing over the video even during loop recording.
  • Press the button once while recording - press the M button to manually lock; Press the UP button to activate / deactivate the recording. Under certain dark conditions, press the power button to turn on the infrared light.

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