Review DEEP COOL Castle 280EX Liquid CPU Cooler
DEEP COOL Castle 280EX Liquid CPU Cooler

DEEP COOL Castle 280EX, RGB Controlled CPU Heat Sink, Internal Water Resistant Technology, Motherboard Control and 5V ADD RGB 3-pin Cable, TR4 / AM4 Support

A stronger engine
CASTLE 280EX pump is driven by a three-phase motor and has a longer service life, but it is always quieter.

More efficient operation
By implementing the rounded corners in the design, the optimized double chamber improves the flow path and increases the efficiency of heat exchange. It also helps reduce operating noise and energy loss.

More efficient operation

On the back of the copper base, the sliding ribs were enlarged by 25% and the heat sink area increased significantly.

Best match fan
Two specially controlled TF140 S fans (included in adapting coolant functions). The fan is also equipped with patented two-layer fan blades as well as air boosters and noise reduction.

Totally safe
CASTLE 280EX is equipped with deep deep leakage technology. This technology helps the system achieve automatic pressure equalization, which greatly improves the safety of the AIO liquid cooling system. Using this technology, Deepcool sets a new standard for liquid cooling systems.

DEEP COOL Castle 280EX Liquid CPU Cooler Specs
  • Inner seal technology is completely safe.
  • There is a 25% skateboard fin on the back of the copper base and the heat sink area has increased significantly.
  • The flow path is optimized to reduce operating noise and power consumption.
  • 2 dedicated TF140 S fans (included in coolant function).
  • 5V RGB addressing can be set via the motherboard or the integrated console.

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