Review Fujitsu N7100 PA03706-B205 Document Scanner
Fujitsu N7100 PA03706-B205 Document Scanner

Fujitsu N7100 Network Scanner
Fujitsu Network Scanner N7100 PA03706-B205 aims to improve business processes and scan documents with an intuitive touch screen. Due to its reliability, simplicity and powerful image cleaning function, this compact device extends the electronic acquisition function to satellite offices and central areas. In contrast to traditional PC scanners, the N7100 IT experts offer an independent platform for developing, monitoring and managing remote scanning process.
The perfect normal scanner
The N7100 takes up little space and is easy to customize. If there is no need for a scanner in every office, this is an economical solution. This fast, reliable scanner is ideal for any commercial environment, including highly mobile areas, gradient distribution, transport and reception, and self-service support.

PaperStream IP and fleet management
A PaperStream IP scanner driver that supports TWAIN eliminates the document tuning issue for OCR operations. PaperStream automatically converts the scanned image into a very clean image, which can speed up the OCR even if the scanned / dirty documents or background documents are scanned. PaperStream IP includes image cleaning, blank page removal, automatic alignment, color detection, automatic auto detection, and dual feed.

The central manager of a N7100-equipped scanner knows the IT department and can manage the provision of the scanner efficiently. With fleet information available remotely, IT can now efficiently allocate resources based on the size of the analysis, consumption, payment schedule and appropriate maintenance.

Connecting to different types of servers
The N7100 can easily meet the digital needs of small business networks with file and mail servers. It is also the most authenticated LDAP / LDAPS network integrated with Microsoft Exchange Server, SharePoint, and other application centers. N7100 provides management features that make it easy to configure or manage large network of N7100 units in one console.

Network Scanner Management Tool - The Administration Tool feature allows you to customize operating environment settings for one scanner at a time.

Scanner Central Admin Console / Scanner Central Admin Server - Monitor and manage usage, settings, etc. Scanners for multiple N7100 devices using the Scanner Central Admin Server function.

Easy operation of an independent network on the big screen
The large screen with keyboard and computer functions is ideal for use in offices or limited-time cash register windows. You can delete, save and transfer data without having to work on a computer.

Administrators can customize the N7100 touchpad task list and scan settings based on the work of a specific user or group of users registered with the scanner. With a dedicated SDK (for Windows), you can use the User and Scan app as plug-ins. The N7100 has an open USB port for connecting a keyboard or other USB devices (except for USB memory). The N7100 can also be customized as one stop.

Fast scanning speed, support for plastic cards
Even when performing bi-directional A4 scanning at 300 dpi, the scan speed remains 25 pages per minute (ppm). The N7100 is equipped with a precision paper feeding mechanism that supports scanning thin paper to thick paper and plastic cards. You can easily delete the plastic ID and application form together in the cash register window at the bank or hospital.

Reduced wait time and stress-free scanning
To reduce stress, you can quickly scan pictures after scanning thanks to the improved processor and memory. The time taken to scan 10 sheets of A4 paper in color from start to finish (including image processing) (when the last scanned page preview is displayed) is only 24 seconds, which is 50% shorter than the previous model. For normal scanning, you only need to press the Scan button once, which also improves productivity.

Automated processes prevent work checks
The advanced automatic features of the N7100 ensure excellent document scanning and efficiency. You can create beautiful surveys quickly and easily. PaperStream IP scanner drivers include image cleaning, blank page removal, automatic alignment, color detection, automatic detection, multiple feeding, paper size detection, and indexing of stickers.

Fujitsu N7100 PA03706-B205 Document Scanner Specs
  • Easy to use - just touch the screen to scan
  • 25ppm / 50 ipm color, grayscale, black and white
  • Strongly clean IP PaperStream images
  • PDF, PDF with OCR, PDF / A, JPEG, TIFF, MTIFF file output
  • Connect to a computer without Ethernet
  • Customizable task button with multiple targets
  • Scan to email, folder, printer, fax, or SharePoint
  • Dynamic document review touchscreen
  • Batch queue system improves workflow
  • Remote administration with Admin Admin Scanner Central Admin
  • Improve data security through encryption and data cleaning
  • Compatible with general contracts
  • Active Directory, Guest, and Automatic Login options

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