Review Hoop 1080p IP Home Security Camera
Hoop 1080p IP Home Security Camera

See who interests you most. Home security systems AMZHOOPMC01GRK2 have kept people out for decades. But who do you like to stay? Finally, you can use the Hoop (your smart assistant) to take care of your family's safety, comfort and happiness! This powerful CCTV ensures that you never miss a moment. With powerful 1080p HD images and clear sound, the wireless camera can instantly alert you to hackers and other suspicious activities. Most of all, the collar can keep you in touch with your loved ones, improve communication and restore harmony in your family routine. If you look directly at a smartphone, the family remains a top priority. Convenient two-way audio, handy speech synthesis and many options to set reminders, schedule alarms and other daily tasks. There is no doubt that the 130 ° wide-angle recording function is as powerful as current smart security systems. You can now monitor your home without having to get constant notifications every time your pet comes. If you want to switch from artificial intelligence to local intelligence, you are welcome at your home!

Enjoy homes in 1080p quality
You can contact your family at any time using the "Direct View" section of the Hoop Home app.

We will spend an hour
With the infrared LED indicator, you can also see what's happening at home at night.

Always pay attention to important questions
Upgrade your home with an easy-to-use magnetic base, motion / noise detection, and fire alarm / carbon monoxide

No eyes ugly
The elegant and elegant design of Hoop is popular in your home. There are five colors to choose from.

Your storage method
Free five-day registration and is compatible with a microSD card
Review Hoop 1080p IP Home Security Camera
Hoop 1080p IP Home Security Camera

Score in the target area
Remember to recycle again. Set a custom reminder and Hoop will notify you when needed.

Hoop 1080p IP Home Security Camera Specs
  • The family-friendly wireless security camera system provides a reliable, family-friendly method of video surveillance! | This powerful compact device is not only a screen, but also a popular member of your home. Stylish and elegant design is easy to install and provides [5] colors to choose from
  • Strong ability. Practical price. | Advanced technology features for capturing HD 1080p video and day and night, daytime real-time bi-directional, 130-degree viewing angle, motion and sound detection, Alexa / Google compatibility and live local storage SD card for continuous recording
  • Variety of styles to meet your special needs without unnecessary events or spam notifications! | Smart cameras that can be set in home, remote, day, night, or high stimuli to achieve different levels of safety and sensitivity, and the more rituals you use, the more you know more family cycle procedures without notifying the overload!
  • Stay in touch all day. Wherever you are, you can see what's happening at home, for example, click a phone, press a button to see animals, listen to children, filter visitors, and communicate in real time. To improve safety, the bell can be heard and reminds you to pay attention to the fire alarm and carbon monoxide detector
  • Daily smart monitoring applies to everything in the Easy Hoop app for Apple and Android devices. Set time reminders and audible warnings for housework, groceries, sports, etc; Camera software calendar. Send text-to-speech messages; Managing participation and single sign-on; Automatic geolocation control and more!

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