Review ieGeek ZS-GX5 WiFi Outdoor Security Camera
ieGeek ZS-GX5 WiFi Outdoor Security Camera

100% wireless
Still complaining that loud wires disturb your soft, clean home? With this external / internal surveillance camera, all your fears are gone. This surveillance camera is really wireless. Why is it wireless? It works with two built-in rechargeable batteries 18650 6700 mAh. With this design, you won't have to plug in the power plug all the time until it works. You can place it indoors and out, away from long messy ropes. It provides three simple installation methods.

1. The magnetic design of the surveillance camera can be easily attracted to any magnetic object
2. Install it on a flat, clean surface with a metal support and two-sided adhesive balls
3. If you are concerned that you may not be able to use a double-sided tape to secure it, use a metal brace and screws to secure it.

1080p HD video clear
  • IeGeek external security 1080p (1920 x 1080) at 25 fps. Whatever the weather, he can provide the highest quality photos and videos.
  • There are three manual modes to choose from: 1. Automatic 2. Day 3. Night view

130 degree wide angle
  • The integrated 36mm ieGeek wireless surveillance camera provides a 130 ° viewing angle, making it easy to monitor from any angle.
  • With a 360 ° or magnetic mount assembly, you can adjust the width of the camera by adjusting the angle horizontally or vertically in the mobile application.

Infrared night vision
  • IeGeek Outdoor Wireless Camera is equipped with three infrared LEDs providing excellent night vision of 25 meters. See everything in a dark environment in full high definition in real time.
  • You can enlarge the video to see better details in the cover.

Two votes
  • The external wireless surveillance camera has a microphone and a built-in speaker system that enables clear two-way audio communication. Talk to someone on the camera right away.
  • Click "Beginners" to send in real time.
  • Press the "Intercom" button to speak.

PIR motion detection
  • When motion detects motion, you will receive a notification with a snapshot in the mobile app.
  • Thanks to smart detection technology, people and things can be distinguished.
  • Adjust motion detection sensitivity and appointments to see your absence.
Notification immediately
  • After activating the motion sensor in the home surveillance camera, you will receive an instant notification on your phone within two seconds and you can see what is happening.
Encrypted cloud and SD card storage
  • CloudEdge encrypts all videos in the cloud or internal storage.
  • External home cameras support up to 128GB microSD (not included), and encrypted and protected content makes playback from external sources impossible.
  • Free 7-day trial of the cloud subscription storage service.
Review ieGeek ZS-GX5 WiFi Outdoor Security Camera
ieGeek ZS-GX5 WiFi Outdoor Security Camera

It contains two sets for installation
  • The package contains an internal magnetic holder and a permanent external mounting kit.
  • It takes just a minute to install a home wireless camera and place it anywhere! No cable or power cord required. Simple outdoor fixings are required.

Multiple display options
  • CloudEdge can control all external wifiGeek camera parameters and alarms from smartphones or tablets for viewing, downloading snapshots, two-way voice calling, etc.
  • Connecting the application to the surveillance camera is very easy and fast! Simply follow the application steps, face the camera's QR code, wait 30 seconds, then call.
  • CloudEdge is available through AppStore and GooglePlay.

IP65 is waterproof and weather resistant
  • When looking at the lens, the unique design seal can repel water, moisture, dust, snow, or other foreign objects from outside the camera.
  • Standard operating temperature should be -25 ° C to 60 ° C.
  • A charge alert is issued when the battery charge reaches 20%.
  • Use the mobile app to check the battery status of your wireless home camera at any time.
  • If the camera battery is less than 20%, you will receive a notification in time to charge the device.

Wi-Fi signal receiving distance is long
  • The WiFi unit of the IeGeek wireless camera can receive network connections in a wider area, which makes video more stable and reduces poor connection problems.
  • The recommended distance between the camera and the railway should be approximately 50 meters. Wall thickness also affects the signal strength.
  • It only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. 5 GHz not supported.

Normal user access
  • Support for concurrent access by multiple users to different devices.
  • Up to 20 surveillance cameras can be added in one app to always monitor different locations

ieGeek ZS-GX5 WiFi Outdoor Security Camera Specs
  • Improved functions of the 6700 mAh battery camera, which means that the Jik External Surveillance Camera has a built-in battery from 18650 to 6700 mAh. After fully charging, the battery can be used for 2 to 6 months according to normal daily operating standards. When it reaches 20%, it automatically receives alert of low battery power.
  • 100% Wireless] Each Geek external / integrated surveillance camera has a built-in battery. WiFi 2.4G can be used indoors or out without restrictions.
  • HD visual effects, such as Geek Battery Surveillance Cameras, provide the best stability and clarity of photos and videos with 2MP and 1080P resolution. Night vision provides a clear viewing distance of 25 meters.
  • Safe Motion Detection] It can be equipped with a PIR detector, obsessed surveillance camera, and false alarms caused by rain, snow, or insects. It also has real-time thermal detection alarms to identify people and animals.
  • Easy-to-install camera The geek wireless surveillance camera provides three easy ways to install: 1. Connect with a magnetic stand (supplied). 2. Screw the external anchor (attached) tightly. 3. It can stick to any metal surface.

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