Review Lifechaser LC63T 4K Dual Dash Cam Car Camera
Lifechaser LC63T 4K Dual Dash Cam Car Camera

UHD 4K + 1080P Dual Camera
The Dash 4K camera is equipped with the latest 8MP image sensor. It builds on OmniVision's advanced pixel architecture, enhanced backlighting (BSI) technology, and enhanced light sensitivity and can deliver HD images and 4K / 2K HD videos even in lighting conditions. High contrast is difficult. Picking up.

Dual channel recording 4K + 1080P UHD
Front and rear 4K cameras capture 3840 * 2160P at 30fps + 1920 * 1080p at 30fps at a time. Note: Please format the memory card before recording. Press the "Menu" button, scroll down and search for "Format".

Improved extended night vision
With the latest WDR and F1.8 lenses in six colors, you can clearly see small details such as neon lights, traffic lights and dashboards that are not usually visible at night. The viewing angle includes 170-degree recordings on 6 channels and beautiful pictures can be taken.

Integrated GPS and Wi-Fi
Use the office software to check the vehicle's position / speed / path on the Google Map. Please contact us for the latest software. Download the mobile app and talk over WIFI, view the recording and share it on your phone (Android and iOS).

Liquid loop recording
You can record videos at 3, 5 or 10 minute intervals. Once the memory card is full, the loop recording replaces the last lens with its oldest and the video crash is not replaced by the G-sensor.

Parking mode
Sleep mode is triggered by motion detection. If a person or something approaches the vehicle in front of you, the recording tachograph will start automatically. Even if the car is closed, safety must be ensured.

G sensor
When the built-in G sensor detects a collision, the current video is blocked to protect important targets. Emergency files are saved in other folders and not replaced.

The camera continues to take pictures at the specified time interval and automatically processes them as a video after the interval is set, so you can see people flashing quickly, clouds change quickly, etc.

2.4 "automatic IPS screen
With the automatic IPS OFF function, IPS can be turned off automatically after recording starts without disturbing the light-emitting rectangle on the windshield. If you want to activate IPS, you can also deactivate this function.
Review Lifechaser LC63T 4K Dual Dash Cam Car Camera
Lifechaser LC63T 4K Dual Dash Cam Car Camera

Easy to install
Driven by car cable. It turns on and off when the vehicle is running or stopping. For the rear view camera, just connect the rear view camera to the "AV IN" connector. If you want to see the full rear view while backing up, plug the red cable and turn off the lights.

Lifechaser LC63T 4K Dual Dash Cam Car Camera Specs
  • Original 4K + 1080P dual-channel recording In two-channel recording, front and back cameras simultaneously capture 3840 * 2160 pixels at 30fps + 1920 * 1080p at 30fps at 4K. The front camera records at 4K resolution of 3840 * 2160 pixels at 30 frames per second or 4 times the pixels of 1080 pixels. Note: Format the memory card in the player recorder before recording. Advanced Processor + Hiscon HI3559V200 Image Image Sensor + OmniVision OS_08A10 Image Sensor (8 MP CMOS).
  • OmniVision OS_08A10 Super Night MP 8MP Image Sensor has been updated to improve night vision features. With the latest WDR and lens technology, contrast and sharpness can be improved, exposure can be adjusted automatically and details such as neon lights, traffic lights and dashboards that are not normally visible at night can be captured. The F1.8 large aperture can cover a wide viewing angle of 170 ° on 6 channels and produce stunning images. [Image distortion correction algorithm] provides the latest premium image distortion correction algorithm.
  • .2.2 High-efficiency H.265 video coding (HEVC) The best H.264 video compression (AVC) method can achieve twice the compression rate. The image quality is the same as H.264 (AVC), but the compression effect is better, so less data should be processed. WIFI / APP connection] Download the "Kacam" mobile app, connect the drive recorder via WIFI, and view the recording and mobile sharing (Android and iOS). The integrated GPS system uses our GPS video player to check vehicle location / speed / path on an integrated map. Give us a call.
  • Trails logging and G sensor (automatic accident detection) can record videos at intervals of 1, 3 or 5 minutes. Episode history replaces the oldest device when the card is full of newer devices, and the video crash is not replaced by a sensor. If G-Sensor detects a collision, the current video will be blocked. Make sure to keep important important photos.
  • 24-hour parking and motion detection mode: Parking mode with G sensors and motion-controlled motion detection (requires belt). The tachograph records automatically when someone or something approaches or hits your car. Warranty 18 months warranty Lifechaser provides 18 months warranty. If you have any of the following questions

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