Review LTTROMAT Cars Radar Detector
LTTROMAT Cars Radar Detector

LTTROMAT automatic radar detector, city / street 360 degree rotating detector, LED display with WLAN, sound alarm and speed alarm system

It can detect any fixed or moving radar speed monitor from 200 to 1000 meters and quickly respond with audio prompts to warn you before driving. However, you already know how to test the car's speed and issue a warning.

Digital screen
Equipped with LED display with digital signal strength display. No HD reflections. Easy to see

Multifunction buttons
With a single button, you can change the language, increase screen brightness, and increase or decrease the volume.
Review LTTROMAT Cars Radar Detector
LTTROMAT Cars Radar Detector

Remote feeding
The power source can be controlled remotely. Press the button to start the radar and press the button again to stop the radar.

LTTROMAT Cars Radar Detector Specs
  • It has a large detection area and can detect the latest pop-up radar speedometer (Ultra-Speed ​​in Instant Mode). Radar can detect any fixed or portable radial speed monitor in advance 250-2500 meters in advance.
  • Super heterogeneous technology with extreme bandwidth and ultra-fast frequency scanning, even the fastest radar guns, provide greater detection range and the best warning.
  • Thanks to its high-speed frequency sensor circuit, it can deliver the fastest radar gun, providing greater detection range and better warning.
  • Provides full immunity to detect VG-2 radar. Electronics reminds that the radar detector can be set indefinitely even when the device is turned off.
  • Radar detector has a 360-degree laser detector. The relative speed blocking system can effectively remove false alarms and deactivate functions so that currently available radar detectors cannot detect the detector.

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