Review Microsoft Surface Studio 2 All-in-One PC
Microsoft Surface Studio 2 All-in-One PC

Microsoft Surface Studio 2 All-in-One PC
A comprehensive scan of new colors, amazing graphics, and quick help will help you. When adjusting the beautiful 28-inch screen, working directly on the desk, or using intuitive tools that stimulate your imagination and fall beside a DIY table, ideas appear. Windows 10 Professional Edition, LCD. Wi-Fi 802.11ac wireless, IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n compatible, Bluetooth 4.1

Your ideas at a high speed
Realize great ideas by increasing the performance of programs that consume processor resources. Incredible photo editing. Drag the circle to the service. Create rich 3D graphics for every reality.

Create in a new way
Whether you're viewing a book or designing a virtual world, your creativity goes beyond the 28-inch PixelSense touch screen with 13.5 million pixel realistic colors.

Designed for inspiration
The sleek and modern design completes your creative space. One hand can tilt the vertical screen indirectly towards the ideal desk corner.

Innovation that makes you think
Surface Studio 2 and Office 365, along with intuitive tools designed to unleash the flow of natural ideas, can help you increase your creativity and productivity.

Create the best angle
When you work 20 degrees down in studio mode or vertically in desktop mode.

Surface disc
Use Surface Dial to explore new ways to store, customize, access and redesign physical tools in the digital world, from concept to creation. [justice]

Mouse surface accuracy
Surface Precision sends across flawless devices and patented magnetic cards for precise control, and a customizable design with three programmable buttons for productivity and flow. [justice]

Comfortable keyboard
Precise and comfortable surface keyboard is changed to split keyboard geometry, divided space bar and arc shape that can naturally protect you from wrist and manual fatigue, improve typing speed and improve typing speed.
Review Microsoft Surface Studio 2 All-in-One PC
Microsoft Surface Studio 2 All-in-One PC

Surface helmet
From your door to the office, whether on the train or in the air, you can listen comfortably and elegantly throughout the day. Rich, clear sound and adjustable noise reduction make music and phone calls great. Use sound for free to do more things.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2 All-in-One PC Specs
  • To date, our most powerful Surface has independent Intel Core i7 memory, NVIDIA GeForce GPU and SSD
  • The stunning 28-inch PixelSense Display is an impressive touchscreen with 13.5 million realistic pixels
  • The screen can be tilted without tilting and tilting down 20 degrees in studio mode and 20 degrees vertically in desktop mode
  • Use the enhanced Surface Pen to keep creativity while drawing, and use Surface Dial * for intuitive shortcuts
  • A wide range of professional programs run, for example B. SolidWorks * Adobe Creative Cloud * and Autodesk 

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