Review MorePro 18 Sports Mode Smart Watch
MorePro 18 Sports Mode Smart Watch

Pro Fashion Sports Smart Watch with Music Control, DIY Fitness Screen with Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Tracker with Pedometer, Pedometer Counter

Intelligent monitoring of thymus diseases
Short-lived cardiac arrhythmias and requires long-term monitoring. An advanced heart rate monitor can monitor your heart health after opening an irregular heart beat on the watch for 6 hours and display a scatter chart in the app to help you better understand the results.

DIY screen
In front of DIY screen, use your family photo or your child's photo as watch face, change the photo every day and deal with refreshing screen effect every day. The touch screen is sensitive and can be easily replaced.

Register 24/7
ProPro Smartwatches, 24/7, provide clear discount schemes and analyze your health in real time in the app. Get rhythmic alert when exercising, when your human resources are too high, take care of your health and be a health aide.

5 ATMs are waterproof
With waterproof IP 68 and 5 ATM, you can not only wash your hands, but also track the data while swimming. By setting swimming pool and water depth settings, you can efficiently record swimming data.

Attention message
Simultaneously call SMS, Email, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and other notifications, you will not miss any important information. It's easy to save information and clear settings so you can view the previous message, clear spam and keep the information safe.

Screen time is adjustable and high brightness
Always pay attention to the health of your eyes. You can adapt the screen brightness to the environment. To simplify the user, you can also adjust the screen time according to your needs.

Accurate compass
The red needle always points to the north and leads you in the right direction. Whether you are in a desert or in an empty forest, you don't have to worry about getting lost.
Review MorePro 18 Sports Mode Smart Watch
MorePro 18 Sports Mode Smart Watch

Work for a long time
Are you afraid to pay a few days of payment? No, it can be used on one shipment for more than 3 days to make your travel life more enjoyable.

MorePro 18 Sports Mode Smart Watch Specs
  • 18 updated sports modes: running, brisk walking, swimming in the pool, open water swimming, climbing, competition, aerobics, basketball, badminton, soccer, dance, yoga, jumping rope, sit, volleyball, tennis, tennis Table, skateboarding, 18 different sports modes, can meet your daily sporting needs and record your activity time, average heart rate / speed / speed / speed, activity frequency, energy, heart rate curve, understand your sports data and improve your training level.
  • DIY screen and music controls: set up DIY screen, take pictures of family, pets, landscapes as watch background, and set free wallpapers every day. With just one tap on the screen, you can immerse yourself in the music world for a minute, control the music player without using your cell phone while playing sports, and enjoy the dual experience of sports and sports music.
  • Heart health and sleep monitoring: arrhythmia is a general term for an irregular, fast or slow heartbeat caused by an abnormal cardiac conduction system. Activate the irregular heart rate monitor on the watch, display a clear cloud in the app and understand your heart health. Monitor the HR department around the clock and the health of the HR department during the trip. Automatically track your sleep data from 8:00 PM to 9:00 AM, understand your deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep and waking time, and suggest ways to improve the quality of sleep.
  • Message notification and O2 screen: Not only does it get message notification and contact notification, it also saves more than five pieces of information, displays historical information on the watch and never misses any important incoming information. Monitor your blood pressure and oxygen data manually on the watch and instantly understand your physical and mental health.
  • Compass and greater range: the red indicator is pointing north, then turn the hour to indicate the correct direction, never get lost in adventure activities and enjoy adventurous travel. The easy-to-charge magnetic charge can work for 4 to 5 days (Note: the battery can last 2 to 3 days under high charging; the battery can last 4 to 5 days with light charging). Please download the app. "Zeroner Health Pro" before use to connect the watch.

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