Review OMEN by HP Obelisk Gaming Desktop Computer
OMEN by HP Obelisk Gaming Desktop Computer

OMEN 875-1023 5QB56AA#ABA is equipped with the latest devices in the industry, so you can break the most demanding games like Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch and Apex Legends. Thanks to real-time ray tracing technology in NVIDIA (R) GeForce (R) RTX 2080 SUPER (TM) graphics and 9th-generation Intel (R) i9-9900K processor power, you can do that. Game, speed, power saving, immersion. Connect the surrounding speakers or connect the headphones to the DTS headphones: X Jack for more accurate sound quality. Integrated HP OMEN Command Center software can further improve performance. The program can control processor overclocking settings and prioritize the game to reduce response time. OMEN Obelisk Desktop 875-1023 includes a door-to-door tool for quick access, maintenance and ease of updating. If you need to use the system, the tilted design makes it easy to open with a double-sided screwdriver and other nails. Aftermarket parts must support ATX mini components and can accommodate up to three storage devices, so they should suit you. If you tricked the device platform the way you want it, use a transparent side panel and an adjustable internal lighting for the screen.
Review OMEN by HP Obelisk Gaming Desktop Computer
OMEN by HP Obelisk Gaming Desktop Computer

OMEN by HP Obelisk Gaming Desktop Computer Specs
  • Realistic graphics: NVIDIA (R) GeForce (R) RTX 2080 SUPER (8 GB dedicated GDDR6 memory). Real-time ray tracing technology takes loyalty, speed, energy efficiency and immersion in the game to a new level
  • Advanced game performance: Equipped with the latest and easiest game updates so you can overwrite the latest and most demanding games including Fortnite, PUBG and Overwatch
  • Ultra-fast processor: 9th Generation Intel Core i9-9900K, Octa Core, 3.60 GHz
  • HP OMEN Command Center: With the included software, you can use OMEN Game Stream (free remote game service) to adjust RGB lighting, prioritize in-game network traffic, and play computer games on a large-screen TV.
  • SSD and Memory: 1 TB PCIe (R) NVMe (TM) M.2 SSD and HyperX (R) 32GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM (expandable to 64GB). Download your favorite games in seconds, transfer files in an hour, and enjoy a more powerful and comprehensive experience than standard hard drives
  • Virtual Reality Possibility: Immerse yourself in your favorite virtual reality world like Skyworld (note: it isn't included in the VR headset).
  • Tempered glass side panel: Provides a window to the laptop's internal components

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