Review Pioneer 3D NAND 240 GB External Portable
Pioneer 3D NAND 240 GB External Portable

Product Name: APS-XS03-240 (External SSD Series) Speed ​​(Max): 400MB / s Capacity: 240GB Interface: Micro USB 3.1 gen1 Weight: 25g Product content: External SSD x 1 / USB cable x 1 Powered by 3D - NAND flash available, provides better performance and reliability. Pioneer APS-XS03 SSD can transfer data very fast, with high efficiency and energy saving. The Pioneer external hard drive definitely gives you the best user experience. Supports multiple computers / laptops. 4 times faster than traditional hard drives. Fully compatible with Tesla Sentry, PS4 and XBOX modes.

TL: DR If you are looking for something that can constantly move and close large files, please search elsewhere. If you just want to play games on an external SSD, that's fine.

To be honest, there are better SSDs. But the cost of this is also 2-3 times higher. If you are looking for this feature, you are looking for a cheaper option, so you should expect cheaper performance. Trust me, you will understand. He says that his write speed is 400MB / s, which is a joke. I'm on Windows 10 with USB 3.0, everything is normal, at best it can reach speeds of 114MB / s. It has been increased 160 times, but for just a second. Generally flying around 70-80. If you want to know that it works normally on Xbox and PS4, you can also reduce download time dramatically.

Good to play with. I play Battlefield 2 on my laptop hard drive and usually spend more than 90 seconds in the game. This way it works for up to 20 seconds. So I think if you need other apps to use it, you can use it as usual.
Review Pioneer 3D NAND 240 GB External Portable
Pioneer 3D NAND 240 GB External Portable

The reader himself is good. It's just a little smaller than a credit card and a thick pen. Even after a few hours of playing, it gets hot, but not hot enough, which worries me. My only complaint is the USB cable. Since these real estate, you can only get what you get, but what you get is short. Fortunately, the player has almost no weight, so dropping it will not damage the power cord.

Pioneer 3D NAND 240 GB External Portable Specs
  • SSD Portable Series Ion Pioneer XS03 SSD, 25g Ultra Light, Real Pocket Size, Easy to carry.
  • Strong material] Impact-resistant, quiet and low-power. Pioneer offers only the best quality.
  • Pioneer XS03 series is increased four times faster, four times faster than traditional portable hard drives. Transfer data anytime, anywhere without leaving important content behind.
  • Compatible devices are fully compatible with PC or Mac. Also compatible with all USB specifications. Simply plug it into any USB port and it will open automatically.
  • Package Contents External SS SSD cable x 1, cable x 1

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