Review Plustek PS30D Duplex Document Scanner
Plustek PS30D Duplex Document Scanner
The integrated and integrated PS30D Scanner can be used on any desktop computer. The design provides easy to use settings and folds the top cover and output bin together after wiping.

Powerful performance
The PS30D can handle up to 3000 scans daily, making it easy to exceed its maximum workload. The 50-page document feeder provides a large amount of document scanning in one fast scanning, which saves a lot of time.

Capture documents with one click
With Plustek DocAction, documents and images can be saved to computer files or FTP servers, emailed to or created as searchable PDF files. Scanned documents can be printed in various formats such as PDF, JPEG or TIFF. The scanner software can also use OCR to recognize text and create multi-page PDFs using the automatic document feeder.

Removable design
To extend the life of the scanner, the PS30D has an additional friction pad. After 20,000 scans, the user can replace the friction pad.

Save a multi-page PDF file
Since PDF is the most used document format, you can scan and save the document as a multi-page PDF or as a PDF to make your work more unique.

Business card management
BizCard can convert scanned business cards into searchable and editable information in the database. With Sync, you can get contact information for Google Contacts, Salesforce, or ACT! Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook. Contact information can also be exported and saved in vCard in CSV format and imported to MobileMe, Gmail or Hotmail.

Edit files using Excel and Word
With the OCR function, which can recognize up to 183 languages, you can use the PS30D to transfer paper data in Excel, Word or CVS format.

Compatible with most office software
PS30D supports TWAIN and ISIS drivers to ensure compatibility with thousands of hardware systems and software applications.

Many functions improve picture quality
The program includes many functions such as automatic color recognition, automatic text direction rotation, multiple image output, blank page deletion, deletion of holes, background deletion, random reading and character improvement, so documents should not be categorized before scanning. Simply download the PS30D and customize it according to your needs.

Health care sector
Hospitals and clinics often contain many files for archiving and storage, for example b- medical records, drug records, and patient data. Plustek PS30D supports TWAIN and ISIS (Image Interface Scanner Specifications) that can be integrated and scanned directly through the healthcare system. PS30D is the best choice for medical staff.
Review Plustek PS30D Duplex Document Scanner
Plustek PS30D Duplex Document Scanner

The insurance industry generally has a large number of documents such as contracts, insurance cards, eligibility documents and receipts. They also have different formats and storage locations. Plustek PS30D can set 9 keyboard shortcuts. Users can select different numbers based on different files, scan files in the correct format and save them to the desired folder.

The Ministry
Government agencies receive many documents such as petitions, quotes, letters and many other legal documents every day. PS30D can handle OCR for scanned images and create searchable PDF files so that users can find the right file using keyword search. In addition, the PS30D accepts long paper scanning formats up to 200 inches and is suitable for scanning various reports.

Scanning speed
30ppm / 60 ipm (grayscale / A4)
25ppm / 50 ipm (color mode / A4)

Automatic device function
Automatically detect documents and scan documents in color, gray, black and white.
- Multi-screen output
Scan and save documents in two or three modes at the same time
To give up
Remove red, green, or blue when wiping patterns.
Delete a blank page
Blank pages are deleted automatically without changes.

Software package
-ABBYY FineReader Sprint
Open data in paper documents, images, and PDFs more accurately without rewriting or reformatting. The tool improves productivity and efficiency, has a simple user interface and supports up to 183 languages.
1- Convert scanned documents and pictures to Microsoft Office, searchable PDF files and other formats.
2. Learn multiple languages ​​with automatic speech recognition

Presto -NewSoft! Basic Map 6
Help you scan and edit business cards and then sync your contacts with various management apps
1. Transfer contacts to Salesforce and Google contacts.
2- Using the BizCard add-in button in Microsoft Outlook, you can scan business cards directly in the contacts database.

The Document Scanning Button Tool Simplifies: With DocAction, you can specify your configuration settings for scanning and scanning. You can automatically send it directly to a printer, email, folder, or FTP. You can also scan directly to many image management and document management apps. You can save scanned documents in all common image formats, including BMP, JPEG, TIFF and PDF.

Plustek PS30D Duplex Document Scanner Specs
  • Scan and localize your favorite content with the push of a button. Printer, email, folder, FTP
  • Improved OCR Resolution - PDF 12 Searchable created with Abbyy FineReader to open data from paper documents, images, and PDFs
  • High Speed ​​Scanning / Scanning of SC Documents with 60 ipm (grayscale) and 50 ipm (color)
  • SCSSUPPORT Scan Size - Can provide business cards of a legal size
  • Management offices for accounting credits, accounting firms, health centers and logistics services

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