Review QNAP TS-453Be-2G-US 4-Bay Professional NAS
QNAP TS-453Be-2G-US 4-Bay Professional NAS

TS-453Be features a simple physical design that can be easily adapted to the office and home environment. Providing a PCIe connector that can improve its functionality: You can install the QNAP QM2 expansion card to add a SSD M 2/10 GB cache connection and automatic level rating support, or you can use a compatible wireless connection Install a card to use the TS-453 as a wireless access point. TS-453Be also supports 4K HD 264 two channels. The 265 process provides smooth multimedia viewing experience on all connected devices. In addition, TS-453Be can use different productivity tools to increase the productivity of media creators or creative professionals while enhancing the multimedia experience.

Intel-powered NAS has a PCIe expansion function suitable for SOHO / SMB
TS-x53Be series is perfect for home or office. Includes PCIe slot for advanced features: The QNAP QM2 expansion card can be installed to add M.2 SSD drives for buffering or routing, a 10-gigabit connection, or a wireless card to convert the NAS to a wireless access point. TS-x53Be can also be used as an extended media server with two H.264 / H.265 4k processing functions to provide a seamless multimedia rendering experience on all connected devices. To ensure the security of your data, QNAP supports storing snapshots of snapshots at certain times so that they can be revoked in case of accidental deletion or ransomware attacks. In addition, the TS-x53Be Series provides various production tools to improve the business efficiency of creative companies and professionals.

PLEX, transcoding, etc.
It has an advanced Intel graphics card and supports up to two H.264 * channels to decode and convert the device in real time. With 4K multimedia playback, you get a truly powerful multimedia experience.
Review QNAP TS-453Be-2G-US 4-Bay Professional NAS
QNAP TS-453Be-2G-US 4-Bay Professional NAS

The PCIe extension gives you flexibility and expands your NAS functions. Install a temporary SSD / 10Gb / s or USB 3.1 10Gb / s card and add a wireless power adapter.

QNAP TS-453Be-2G-US 4-Bay Professional NAS Specs
  • Intel Celeron J3455 Quad Core 1.5 GHz (up to 2.3 GHz), 4 GB DDR3L-RAM (2 x 1 GB, 8 GB up to 8 GB), SATA 6G, 2xGbE, PCIe slot 10 GB or 2 GB Additional
  • Aes-ni codec, 4K hardware codec, Dual 4K HDMI V1. 4B Expansion Module, UX-800P / UX-500P, Integrated Loudspeaker, Single Line Out
  • PCIe connector supports 10Gbps network card installation, two QM2 M.2 two / 10Gb SSD drives, USB 3.1 1Gbps card or compatible PCIe WLAN adapter
  • Online 4K play and convert; Watch multimedia on HDTV via HDMI out
  • The article fully records the system status and data. If you accidentally delete or change a file, you can quickly restore the recorded data. Power consumption: Operating mode, Typical Value: 30.04W

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