Review Ring Floodlight HD Security Camera
Ring Floodlight HD Security Camera

Development of external security
Replace old security lights with motion detector lights with two-voice, two-way lights and sirens. Visualize, hear and talk with others about your property. Mark all the blind spots. Remote siren sound. Everything from your phone, tablet and PC.

Monitor your possession of HD video and record anytime at home with live video, video and audio on demand.

When someone enters your house and activates the built-in Motion Sensor Ring, you can receive notifications on your phone, tablet and computer.

Use the built-in microphone and speakers to listen to and talk to people on your mobile device.

Activate the siren from anywhere on your phone, tablet and PC.

Ultra-bright LED display
Mark activities with two bright motion sensor lights

Advanced motion detection
Set aside your area of ​​activity to focus on the most important area of ​​the yard.

Use with Alexa

Call a specific Alexa device to use voice on demand.
Review Ring Floodlight HD Security Camera
Ring Floodlight HD Security Camera

Circular plan
With Ring Protect you can earn more money with all ringtones and cameras. Ring Protect is a full service that lets you see everything you've missed. After enabling video and photo capture, you can view, record and share videos and photos for $ 3 per device per month or $ 10 per family per month.

Review Ring Floodlight HD Security Camera Specs
  • Connect the Ring Camera to Alexa and activate the alert when motion is detected. Say "Alexa, talk to the front door" and talk to visitors on compatible Echo devices.
  • You can view, listen to and talk to visitors from mobile phones, tablets and personal computers
  • Use Ring Protect plan (subscription sold separately) to record all your videos, view lost content for up to 60 days, and share your videos and photos.
  • Weatherproof electrical box must be installed
  • Monitor your home with 1080HD video via infrared night vision and live view
  • Including ultra-bright lighting and integrated siren
  • It includes privacy features like customizable privacy areas and audio data protection that focuses only on your important issues.

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