Review Samsung X5 Portable 1TB External SSD
Samsung X5 Portable 1TB External SSD

Samsung's SSD X5 MU-PB1T0B / AM portable storage is a revolutionary external storage unit that combines advanced NVMe and Thunderbolt 3 technologies to deliver data speeds of up to 40Gbps. The X5 SSD is designed for content creators and high-tech professionals who need fast and secure access to data in their compact and lightweight storage solutions. The read / write speed of the X5 is 2800/2100MB / s 5.2 times / 4.5 times faster than portable SSD speed with SATA interface and 25.5 times / 20.9 times faster than that hard drive externally. X5 features sock resistance, heat management and password protection functions, thus offering durability, comfort and safety.

Drive at lightning speed
Use Samsung's fastest SSD drive in history to increase storage tasks for your PC and Mac. X5 uses the Thunderbolt 3 * port design, ideal for professional professionals who want to stream or collect HD content without losing frequency. Thermal management and password protection provide comfort and security.

Thunderbolt 3 and NVMe performance
X5 is there to satisfy your desire for advanced technology. Thunderbolt 3 can provide speeds of up to 40Gbps. Due to the incredible speed of NVMe interface, the X5 can process large amounts of data very quickly.

Data transfer speed
Spend more time creating. The X5 has a read / write speed of 2800/2300MB / s * 5.2 times / 4.5 times faster than a SATA portable SSD and 25.5 times / 20.9 times faster than an external hard drive **. Transfer 20 GB of 4K UHD video from PC to X5 in less than 12 seconds. ** **.

Thermal management technology
Don't worry about the high temperatures. XT's DTG (Dynamic Thermal Protection) technology ensures optimum performance and temperature, while the heat sink maintains surface temperature below 45 ° C *. Its main body has no moving parts and is reinforced with a magnesium alloy to withstand a 6-foot fall **.

Revolutionary design

It's special, just like the X5. Inspired by the super sports car, its dynamic and streamlined shape screams quickly and the smooth surface is of excellent quality. Practical floor prevents slipping when holding. Enjoy maximum portability and an improved design with the latest technology.
Review Samsung X5 Portable 1TB External SSD
Samsung X5 Portable 1TB External SSD

Optional password protection with 256-bit AES encryption *
Protect your information and your intellectual property. Optional password protection based on AES 256-bit encryption can securely protect your data.

* Samsung SSD mobile software. Compatible with T5 and X5. The X5 software update is only supported on Windows computers.

Samsung X5 Portable 1TB External SSD Specs
  • THUNDERBOLT 3 and NVMe POWER: X5 is Samsung's first NVMe portable hard drive with Thunderbolt 3 technology providing data speeds of up to 40Gbps
  • Read and write quick view: Sequential read and write performance reaches 2,800MB / s or 2,300MB / s
  • Durable design: the all-metal body with a smooth bottom and a non-slip floor cover that can withstand 2 meters of fall. Shockproof interior features dynamic thermal protection technology to maintain optimum performance and temperature
  • Safe encryption: Optional password protection and 256-bit AES encryption make your personal and private data more secure
  • Warranty and compatibility: 3-year limited warranty; Check the latest firmware / BIOS for the device and computer installed

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