Review Seagate 500GB External SSD for Xbox
Seagate 500GB External SSD for Xbox

External Seagate Game Drive 500GB External Hard Drive for Xbox, USB 3.0 Portable for Xbox One, and 2-Month Xbox Game Pass (STHB500401)

This player includes 500GB of the Xbox SSD player to store 15 games and start games faster at full speed. This external flash drive has a limited Xbox Game Pass subscription that gives you instant access to over 100 great games. Use a quick step-by-step setup, plug and play USB 3.0 - no power cord required. Complimenting light, impact-resistant and elegant black Xbox One X is the perfect flash drive for a level gaming experience.

First-class performance and additional ability
Start and download games at super fast speed. Save a large number of new classic and popular versions. Until waiting for a two-month free subscription to Xbox Game Pass (which also includes over 100 additional titles) is on hold. Welcome to the world of Xbox SSD games.

The final game plan
It can access over 100 adventures on Xbox One and PC. Play it the day Xbox Game Studios titles are released.

Play with your Xbox Live Gold friends on the most advanced players network.
Review Seagate 500GB External SSD for Xbox
Seagate 500GB External SSD for Xbox

Receive exclusive offers and discounts for members.
It is not a dream. This is Xbox Game Pass. Get ready to shoot with Game Drive for Xbox 2, which has a free two-month subscription.

Seagate 500GB External SSD for Xbox Specs
  • With 500GB of storage space on this external hard drive, you can store 15 other games and start games faster at full speed for an external flash drive designed specifically for Xbox
  • Over 100 great games with limited membership in Xbox Game Pass
  • Work with quick step-by-step configuration, plug and play USB 3.0: No power cord required
  • This external hard drive features a lightweight, shock-resistant design and an elegant black finish that compliments the Xbox One X.
  • Three-year limited warranty gives you long-term safety

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