Review Seagate Expansion 2TB External Hard Drive
Seagate Expansion 2TB External Hard Drive

Seagate 2 TB External Hard Drive USB for Laptop (STEA2000400)

With Seagate Expansion Portable, you can easily store and access 2 TB of content on the go. This external hard drive works with a Windows computer for easy backup. To setup, just pull and drop the portable hard drive onto the computer for automatic detection - without any software - and use the included 18 "USB 3.0 cable to facilitate connectivity and gaming.

More space. Bitterness - bitter.
If the internal drives of the Windows PC are not enlarged, their performance tends to be better. This is why portable expansion helps. Transfer, store and provide the space you need for your desktop or laptop computer. Fast USB connection and drag-and-drop style makes the whole process unimaginable.

I purchased a 2 TB version compatible with PS4 (current version is 4.50). Initially it said it didn't support it, but it would be nice after restarting the PS4. Currently working as expected. After formatting, 1.84 TB of free space is available. It took 19 minutes to transfer 3 games (118.3 GB) from the internal hard drive to this external hard drive. When something is displayed, it is refreshed.
Review Seagate Expansion 2TB External Hard Drive
Seagate Expansion 2TB External Hard Drive

Modification: It was only two months ago and it still works as expected. To answer a frequent question:
Just connect it to the PS4, go to “Device” under “Settings” then to “USB Storage Device”. It should appear below, select it, then "Format in Extended Memory" will be displayed and select it. Support for external hard drives is excellent. If you have a large number of downloadable games, you only need to get some external hard drives and download all the games on them. Then you can insert the external hard drive into the desired game and everything will be fine. If you are still having problems, I highly recommend looking for a way to configure. it's easy.

Seagate Expansion 2TB External Hard Drive Specs
  • Use Seagate Expansion portable hard drives to easily store and access 2TB content on the go
  • The external hard drive for Windows computers simplifies and simplifies backup operations
  • To configure, connect a portable hard drive to a Windows PC to automatically recognize the program
  • The USB stick can be easily connected via plug and play with the included 18 "USB 3.0 cable
  • One-year limited warranty gives you long-term safety

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