Review SKCBO Mini Real time Tracker GPS
SKCBO Mini Real time Tracker GPS

SKCBO 2020 is a complete real-time mini GPS tracker in the USA and worldwide, suitable for children, dogs, cats and hidden small portable trackers. Baby, elderly, dog tracker, animal tracker, cat tracker, baby and child tracker

SKCBO Mini Real time Tracker GPS  Specs
  • A $ 5 SIM card is not included in the month. This device requires a 2G SIM card. Please buy a 2G SIM card for this. T-Mobile and SpeedTalk provide second generation services. Recommended: Speedtalk, $ 5 a month, you can buy one on Amazon.
  • Small, light and easy to carry. The button shape is easy to hide and is ideal for tracking vehicles, teenagers, couples, the elderly or property.
  • The look looks like a button, can be attached to clothes without additional fixation and does not fall off. Designed for children
  • You can create whitelist, one-way chat (silent monitoring), and two-way chat via the app. You can hear the sound around the tracker without lighting or noise.
  • You can track specific situations in real time using an app or a computer. You can also view tracks, fix fences and remote recording

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