Review Synology 5bay Expansion Unit DX517
Synology 5bay Expansion Unit DX517
The user-friendly Synology DX517 design offers a simple solution to increase your storage capacity. With DX517, you can expand up to 5 other hard drives at the same time, so that you can expand RAID volumes over the Internet or deploy hard drives as local targets for backup hard drives. Synology DX517 has a 3-year limited warranty on Synology. AC Input Voltage: 100 V to 240 V AC

Synology 5bay expansion unit
  • You can easily add 5 other drive locations to Synology DiskStation. DX517 supports 2.5 ”and 3.5” SATA drives, which is a flexible solution that supports immediate expansion or acts as a local backup destination.
  • Other DX517 drawers are managed by DiskStation Manager on the host NAS. Once established, the connection can be used and managed immediately. The rapid expansion of volume ensures that storage and host services are not interrupted during expansion.
  • The DX517 hot swappable drive cage allows easy installation and replacement of hard drives without system shutdown. Screwless tray design reduces system setup time.
  • Synology DX517 can be used as a dedicated local backup solution for Synology DiskStation. When created as a separate volume, DX517 provides an excellent backup solution for local hard drives in case of system failure.

I recently installed DS918 + and admired the speed, management tools and Plex performance. After migrating from an old NAS, I already have a hard drive, so logically I need it!

Retail packaging handles with Synology packaging boxes are fully registered and nested in a larger area box surrounded by tons of wrapping paper. hard work

The configuration is simple. This cable is used for Synology connectors only 18 inches long. So you should keep it side by side or very close. They put a separate vertical shelf on the grid and we did fine (we hope the photo will be approved so you can see it).

Similar to the DS918 +, the device is very light to fit the reader but expensive. This distributes light to every bay. The light on the main NAS device is tilted down. I may need to visit the forum to see if I can mute or mute the audio. The player's compartment is spring-loaded and only a few discs can be inserted in a few minutes. When reinserting the tray into the NAS, ensure that the spring cover is not completely pushed, the spring cover is not suspended, and the drive cannot be installed properly. There is no danger here. Just click, move, and fix it. open it.
Review Synology 5bay Expansion Unit DX517
Synology 5bay Expansion Unit DX517

After connecting to a supported NAS device for administration, you can switch to the module web interface. I don’t have to do anything, but you can see in the desktop management tool dashboard that other drives are available. So I started managing storage immediately. I created a Raid 5 folder on two NAS databases. For this disk group, I'm testing the "disk set" that SHR is running on, which is Synology's RAID solution. The main benefit of protecting your hard drive during a typical snap scan is that you can add a hard drive at any time. Since these are 5 slots, I started using three 4 TB hard drives and the available storage was 7.4 TB. After transferring some data, I will add another 4 terabytes and wait until the total capacity reaches 11. Then test to add more disks and report the results here. Please note that if the hard disk sizes are different, I think it will be rounded to the smallest size of the hard disk. 1 4 TB and 1 2 TB SHR as 2 2 TB tablets. Many great YouTube videos can explain it better.
After creating the disc set, go to the "Audio" tab and then "Create" in the top menu. After that, this memory should appear immediately (you scan the hard drive, but space will be available soon). Start the file manager and create a new message. When you are ready to shine, assign all names and guarantees.

I have a lot of effort, but I will be performing speed tests soon. So far, the size-to-size test seems to be pretty fast, which is great, but I'm not sure if this is the case for basic reach.
Read DS918 + reviews and user interface benefits. However, I am very happy with the expansion.

Synology 5bay Expansion Unit DX517 Specs
  • Internet standard development
  • Special solution for internal reserves
  • Interchangeable tray design. Noise level: 21.5 dB (A)
  • Disk Station synchronization of system operation. Screwless tray design reduces system setup time
  • Application model: DS1817 +, DS1517 +, DS1817 +, DS1517

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