Review TerraMaster F4-210 4-Bay NAS 1GB RAM Quad Core NAS
TerraMaster F4-210 4-Bay NAS 1GB RAM Quad Core NAS

TerraMaster F4-210 4-Bay NAS 1GB RAM Quad Core NAS
TerraMaster - a 16-year professional brand focused on developing and producing memory products.
Products include Network Storage (NAS), Direct Attached Storage (DAS), and Thunderbolt3 Storage.
TerraMaster products are basically competitive in terms of advanced hardware design and powerful software development functions and are known to customers for their high reliability and value.

Get great performance at a reasonable price
Equipped with 64-ARM V8 Quad Core processor, frequency up to 1.4 GHz, 1 GB RAM (cannot be updated);
The reading speed can reach 114MB / s (RAID 0, WD Red 4 TB x 2); For better and more stable performance, it is recommended to use WD Reds or Seagate IronWolfs.
Features include file storage, backup, cloud sync, remote access, Meida power, etc.
Suitable for applications ranging from home multimedia entertainment to SOHO settings.

A rich and secure data storage network server
F4-210 uses the following six levels of data security to protect your data:
  • Bay protection T-RAID
  • Btrfs file system and screenshots
  • Remote backup
  • Cloud backup
  • Automatically schedule backups

Recommended network storage server:

Supports many array modes including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, JBOD, and SINGLE as well as HTTP, SMB / CIFS, AFP, FTP, NFS, and WebDAV
Other functions include authentication settings for users, user groups, and shared folders.
You can set read / write permissions for each user as needed and customize network storage for photos, videos, music, and Office documents.

The power of multimedia
Fully support Emby and Plex and collect videos, music and photos.
With the powerful multimedia management features of Emby or Plex, F4-210 can turn you into an entertainment hub with many functions. Latest version of Plex: If your version is older, please update to the latest version.
Keep your personal media organized and ready to broadcast to your PC, mobile devices or game consoles as needed.
Enrich your media with concise charts, stickers and album covers and enjoy everything at home or on the go.
You can broadcast TV directly to any device, manage DVR, and enjoy your personal database.
Don't worry about IP addresses anymore! Call and play anytime, anywhere on any device.

Multiple backup methods

Support for Apple Time Machine and Rsync as well as support for remote backups.
Supports third-party backup solutions and cloud sync synchronization.
Superspeed USB3.0 supports backups from external storage. Supports all hard drive formats, including but not limited to EXT4, EXT3, FAT, NTFS and HFS +.
Review TerraMaster F4-210 4-Bay NAS 1GB RAM Quad Core NAS
TerraMaster F4-210 4-Bay NAS 1GB RAM Quad Core NAS

We strive to meet small companies
Small businesses take this opportunity to create file storage servers, mail servers, web servers, FTP servers, MySQL databases, virtual Node.js and Java devices, among many other commercial applications. Including Plex, Emby, Media Server, Screenshots, and Docker Wait. for easy remote access
  • If you try to access TNAS files over the Internet, may prevent you from configuring DDNS, complex network settings, and other port forwarding rules.
  • The service offers a free, free, editable URL that allows you to interact with audio, video and other company files on Internet devices.

Smartphone Applications
With the help of the TNAS mobile app, you can quickly and unlimited access to TNAS devices and their multimedia data via iOS or Android.

Q: How can I solve initialization errors during installation on an operating system?

TerraMaster F4-210 4-Bay NAS 1GB RAM Quad Core NAS Specs
  • A: Use the server and computer in cable mode to ensure stable network speed.
  • By running the latest TOS 4.1 operating system, the new NAS has been optimized with 4 slots for private users and SOHO users.
  • Quad-core ARM v8 1.4GHz processor with 1GB RAM (non-expandable), ultra-fast read / write speed above 114MB / s (RAID 0, WD Red 4 TB x 2), hardware encryption. WD Red Hard Drive and Seagate IronWolf Hard Drive Recommended.
  • Emby and Plex media servers help organize your videos, music and photos and can be transferred to any computer, mobile device, smart TV or game console at any time.
  • Compatible with 3.5 '' and 2.5 '' SATA hard drives and 2.5 '' SATA SSD drive. Each hard drive slot supports up to 16 TB (total 32 TB in RAID 0). Supports Plex and Emby media servers.
  • Docker, Plex, supports disk sync in the cloud, multiple backups, remote access and mobile applications. Dozens of free apps; Ultra-quiet cooling technology.

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