Review ThiEYE Safeel Zero+ Full HD WiFi Car Dash Cam
ThiEYE Safeel Zero+ Full HD WiFi Car Dash Cam

WiFi Dash Cam, ThiEYE Dashcam 1080P Full HD DVR Ultra Wide Angle Control Panel, WDR, Session Recording, Parking Monitoring, G-sensor and Clear Night Vision

Circular Tube Recorder - Safeel Zero +
ThiEYE Safeel Zero + is equipped with an SD 32G card and a circle and a compact design, making it an ideal tool for car decoration. It can record 1080p HD video and provides high stability when recording in smooth episodes.

Camera battery is only used for emergency backup files. You need to connect the car charger while driving.

If you really want to try SD 64G / 128G cards, we recommend choosing Level 10. Please format the memory card before use.

170 degree wide viewing angle
Equipped with a 170 degree wide angle lens, it can capture 4 lanes and record more than one vehicle ahead. This way you can clearly record traffic signs, traffic signs and number plates.

Since the tachograph is equipped with 3M adhesive cover and suction support, installation is easy and safe, so installation is easy. Choose one that suits your needs.

Screen protector
The integrated 1.5 inch TFT LCD screen with low illumination supports automatic shutdown during recording, which saves more energy and does not distract while driving. If necessary, you can run it in the installer.

It comes with an SD card
It comes with a 32G SD card that you do not need to purchase separately. If you have any questions about inserting an SD card, please watch the video. Please format the memory card when using it for the first time.

Watch around the clock
Once a collision is detected, the parking screen activates the recording dashboard automatically with the built-in 180 mAh battery. Note: Other cables must be connected to the hibernate power source.

Liquid loop recording
When the memory card becomes full, the new recording overwrites the oldest unlocked file automatically. DVR supports up to 32 GB of Class 10 Micro SD card. Please format this on the dashboard before use.
Review ThiEYE Safeel Zero+ Full HD WiFi Car Dash Cam
ThiEYE Safeel Zero+ Full HD WiFi Car Dash Cam

360 degree rotation
Flexible mounting type. Camera can be rotated 360 ° (not automatic). You can record things inside or outside the car.

G sensor
The G sensor detects sudden movement and collision changes and automatically records emergency events that cannot be replaced. You can see that the tachograph is looking for you to drive safely.

ThiEYE Safeel Zero+ Full HD WiFi Car Dash Cam Specs
  • Wi-Fi and ThiEYE dashcam applications: With built-in Wi-Fi and ThiEYE DVR (in Google Store or in app), you can easily access, play, download, view and share videos with excellent HD video configurations on social networks, or share media with police And insurance companies directly on your phone. When you approach the tachograph, a live preview can be displayed. Can not be used to monitor children when they are not in the car!
  • Full HD 1080P and 170 ° Wide Angle Lens: Provides a 1080p HD video dash camera with a 170 ° ultra wide glass lens that delivers stunning picture quality in a greater field of vision and effectively reduces blind spots and everything related to the car to record an event
  • 7 important car protection functions: a variety of integrated functions such as ringing tone, gravity sensor, parking monitoring, emergency recording, motion detection, WDR and night vision function, the driving recorder THiEYE Safeel Zero Plus is your business trip, travel, and entertainment is better A personal assistant at the same time.
  • Clear night vision: Equipped with a 1: 1.8 / 6 lens aperture / glass lens / lens that captures more light than 1: 2.0 and adjustable exposure to ensure a balanced image and wide dynamic range (WDR) to achieve. The lens, which is always necessary while exposed to light

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