Review UXD CS-201 Sleep Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch
UXD CS-201 Sleep Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch

UXD smart watch, fitness tracker with sleep rhythm screen (for atrial fibrillation), waterproof pedometer activity tracker to remind smartphones

Pay attention to your goals
A wrist movement automatically records your steps, calories, distance and time

Clear color screen
Easily recognize all data on the 1.3 x 240 x 240 pixel TFT color screen, which always works, while reducing power consumption

Stay in touch
When the phone is turned off, you will get notifications for phone calls, text messages, calendars and smartphone apps.

Ready for every round
Use the stopwatch and timer to calculate time and walking

Know your direction
Equipped with an electronic compass, you will always find a guided adventure direction

Simple music control
Swipe or click to easily play the previous / next track easily, pause and control manually

Battery life up to 10 days
Thanks to a suitable magnetic charging station, it can be fully charged for about two hours and used for more than a week every day.
Review UXD CS-201 Sleep Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch
UXD CS-201 Sleep Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch

Stable memory
As an ideal health assistant, stay focused on maintaining a good physical condition and relaxing appropriately.

DIY disc
Customize your smart watch by switching between different fashion discs as needed

UXD CS-201 Sleep Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch Specs
  • Accurate tracking statistics: UXD Smart Watch CS-201 accurately records your activity level on the heart thanks to the improved algorithms and "Zeroner Health Pro" technology such as steps, distance, light / deep sleep, rhythm, etc.
  • Reliable health monitoring: With the help of high performance sensors, smart watches can accurately measure your physical statistics (such as heart rate and sleep monitoring) and detect atrial and fibrillation day and night to ensure good medical care
  • IP68 waterproof performance: Smartwatches use advanced waterproof technology and advanced sensors to collect information such as cycle, stroke frequency, SWOLF, etc.
  • Get a better understanding of your sleep: monitor and analyze your entire sleep cycle scientifically, and automatically determine your sleep stage, depth and REM for a clearer picture of sleep and relaxation using an infrared screen
  • Supports 18 sports modes: keep active in various sports modes such as jumping, sitting, soccer, badminton, etc., follow the sport appropriately and immediately see more detailed information in the phone app for better sport or training

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