Review VAVA VA-IH006 720P HD Display Video Baby Monitor
VAVA VA-IH006 720P HD Display Video Baby Monitor

Jury Statement:
The secret appearance of the VA-IH006 and the advanced features of the interchangeable lens and on-screen remote control allow parents to easily monitor their children.

Clear and sharp images in real time
VAVA uses the latest technology and integrates it into an advanced 5-inch screen with a more accurate 720p resolution to display real-time color vision of a children's room.

Watching kids has never been this easy
VAVA makes baby monitoring easier. The voice recognition function appears when your child is crying, and even when the sound is muffled, the LED lights to sound. In addition, the built-in thermostat can monitor the culture temperature.

easy to use
Automatic experience: If you press OK for a long time, the camera automatically moves your child's room to zoom in / out: press 2x and 4x to enlarge your child without disturbing him. Two-way conversation: Just go to the "Speak" link. Talk to your little one.

Amazing battery life
VAVA believes that baby monitors can be operated day and night. Therefore, a large 4,500 mAh battery was built to extend screen battery life.

VAVA Baby Monitor
Our expert team is dedicated to developing and manufacturing baby monitors that meet the needs of modern parents. Thanks to the continuous development, in-depth research and interest of new parents, we now offer an important tool to improve the VAVA Baby Monitor. With 4,500 mAh of sustainable energy, highest power, the largest 5-inch IPS display (720p), and subtle movements with the softest breath, you'll see unprecedented clarity.

Monitor room temperature
The flagship screen solution: provide real-time care at 7 levels of sound, set a loud volume to hear the child's voice when coughing or breathing, or wake the parents who sleep a lot. Adjust a smaller size to measure your child's crying size.

Automatic night vision mode
With the intuitive camera, you can scan all small movements of a child with a clear 720p field of view during the day, for example B. Upper and lower trunk, and all pure gray infrared images scan overnight.

Autopilot mode and x4 zoom
The VAVA Baby Monitor has a zoom and 4x function plus an automatic childcare demo scan so you can reach the child instantly without having to wait for the app or setting.

Monitor room temperature
Use an external thermostat to ensure your child always feels comfortable and safe

Long transmission distance
Optimizing long range transmission range from 480 to 900 feet: whether you're in the room, in the kitchen, in the basement, or on the adjacent outside balcony, parents can always get a steady video. Note: It can withstand up to 900 feet. In an open space

Connect up to 4 cameras (View View Scan)
By adding up to 4 cameras in screen saver mode, you'll get coverage for the entire room. (Scan the display camera every 15 seconds.)

VAVA VA-IH006 720P HD Display Video Baby Monitor Specs
  • Clear, real-time images: a large 5-inch portable screen with a resolution of 720 pixels, three times the previous monitor for children; During the day in color and at night with gray infrared images, you can clearly see all the baby's subtle movements
  • Ease of monitoring: You can monitor your child's health with an LED noise indicator and an external thermostat. Set the loudest volume to alert the heaviest people sleeping, or set the lowest volume for listening in only 7 folders. loud voice
  • Always keep in touch: Quickly turn on the VAVA screen and immediately check what happens when your child falls. It has 2x and 4x zoom, plus the autopilot panorama mode, which allows you to check your child's bed without having to wait for applications or parameters
  • 24-hour independence: a 4,500 mAh battery that can last 12 hours in display mode and 24 hours when the screen turns off to monitor your child throughout the day
  • More stable wireless connectivity: The VAVA Baby Monitor can deliver smooth videos anywhere in the home (480 feet - 900 feet), whether in the classroom or in the kitchen, and your child is always watching.

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