Review Victure 1080P Security Smart Baby Camera
Victure 1080P Security Smart Baby Camera

Home Security Camera Victure 1080P Smart Pet Monitor 2.4G Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi camera Monitoring with night vision function and two-channel voice detection function, suitable for iOS and Android

Archery tips
  • Home Security Camera supports 2.4GHz WiFi only.
  • If you have an unknown SSID issue, enable the location service on the phone.
  • Play the sound on your phone during a call.
  • Please format the micro SD card before use.
  • The first month of cloud service is free. After that, additional fees will be charged.
  • Add a device to the app and work online If you have other surveillance cameras, you can click any device to watch live videos.
Night vision / motion detection / two-way voice communication / WiFi connection
Connect the Vision Camera to the IPC360 app and you can check what is happening anytime, anywhere. Whether you are protecting your home, communicating with children after school, watching your pets, chatting with your children, family, or pets, or sharing great things, or anything else, our home cameras help you stay alert at all times .
  • Size: 65 * 125mm
  • Angel wide angle: 120 degrees
  • Application: IOS and Android
  • TF Card (not included): 8-64G / C10
  • Infrared light: 8 pieces at 850 nm, range 914 cm
  • Night Vision: The IR-CUT filter turns on automatically
  • Function: noise reduction, bi-directional sound, night vision, motion detection
[Bidirectional sound]
With bi-directional audio support with built-in microphone and speaker, you can enjoy it anytime.
Open the app size and activate the ringtone and chat on the phone.

[Motion detection]
While monitoring motion, this home camera sends a notification to your mobile phone via the IPC360 app.
Activate motion detection and let the app run in the background. You can even monitor your home and children while you are away.

[Automatic night vision]
The infrared invisible LED light lets you see the baby clearly even in the dark without interference. When the light is dim, the camera automatically turns on the infrared light.
However, do not place the camera next to the glass as this affects the infrared LED.

[Cloud storage / SD card]
Cloud storage and micro SD card storage available. After formatting in the app, the 64G micro SD card can work normally via C10. In cloud storage mode, the camera records video when it detects motion and stores it in the cloud.
Review Victure 1080P Security Smart Baby Camera
Victure 1080P Security Smart Baby Camera

[Wi-Fi connection]
Easy and fast installation and stable connection under 2.4G WiFi. 5G WiFi not supported. Public WiFi is not available.

[Unlimited subscribers]
Share your account with family members. The whole family can monitor your children and your home with the IPC360 app. Even if you are outside, you can always know the situation.

Use the IPC 360 app to configure the camera
  • Install the IPC 360 app and register with your email address
  • Select your WiFi network (2.4GWiFi), enter the WiFi password and then connect to the WiFi network
  • Turn on the camera and click the icon in the upper-right corner of the IPC360 app to add a camera (make sure the camera indicator flashes red, or reset the camera).
  • Click "Next", enter the WiFi password, then click "Next" to activate the phone size and bring the phone to the camera
  • When the doorbell rings, the connection is established successfully. Then rename the camera.

Victure 1080P Security Smart Baby Camera Specs
  • [Smart Motion Detection] - When the internal motion monitoring camera detects Wi-Fi, the notification is instantly sent to your mobile phone and the instant alert video is recorded and saved in the cloud or SD card to protect your home on time, pets and babies.
  • [Two Channel Noise Cancellation] - Home Video Cameras and Pet Security use a 48 dB Built-in Speakers and Noise Cancellation Technology. The bidirectional sound can be used at any time to talk to friends / children / pets / nannies. Even if you are not there, you will have a good time with them.
  • [1080P CLEAR NIGHT VISION] - When using a 120 ° wide angle lens at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, 8 infrared LEDs will not be visible. Victure Home Security can display real-time broadcasts anywhere in your home in real time via the IPC360 app and deliver clear and bright images even in the dark.
  • [Cloud Cloud / SD Storage] - Local storage supports up to 64 GB of micro SD card. It also supports secure encrypted storage services. The first month of cloud storage is free. There is an additional charge after one month.
  • [Stable Wi-Fi connection and subscribers] - Use the IPC360 app anytime, anywhere on mobile devices to install quickly and easily, and establish a stable connection under 2.4G Wi-Fi (5 GB not supported). Applies to iOS and Android devices. You can share the camera with family and friends over IPC360, even if you are outside, you can still know the situation.

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