Review WORX WA0866 Find GPS Tracker
WORX WA0866 Find GPS Tracker

WORX WA0866 Find GPS Tracker
FindMyLandroid is an anti-theft device with GPS technology. In case of loss or theft, you can easily track the Landroid device. In case of theft, you can also lock Landroid. If Landroid is removed from its geographical area, FindMyLandroid will notify you of the application. In addition, Landroid is always connected via cellular data, so you can receive remote notifications, status updates and scheduled updates remotely.

Stay connected to phone data
GPS "Find My Landroid" does not need to connect Landroid to Wi-Fi at home, so Landroid stays connected and can be controlled via the app to provide additional anti-theft protection.

How does this work
GPS uses unit signals to track Landroid devices. If the lawn mower is removed from the house, you will be informed immediately. Contact with many mobile operators guarantees the best signal

Stealing evidence
Landroid is an advanced tool. "Search my Landroid" can protect your investment from potential thieves.

The garage provides an additional protective layer against strong wind, rain and sunlight and is ideal for loading areas.

Anti Collision System (ACS)

The Landroid Collision Control System can help you see and push obstructions by discovering obstructions that are 5 inches and 8 inches high forward.

Radio link
Radio Link is a WiFi extender that allows your router to access your home and maintain Landroid connectivity at all times.
Review WORX WA0866 Find GPS Tracker
WORX WA0866 Find GPS Tracker

Beyond the digital fence line
With the digital cross-border fence, it is no longer necessary to wrap the main boundaries around some of the obstacles or areas that Android wants to avoid.

WORX WA0866 Find GPS Tracker Specs
  • Landroid stays connected thanks to cellular data
  • Receive real-time notifications and status updates
  • If Landroid has been removed from the cropped area, please notify you using the Landroid mobile app
  • Track and lock Android remotely during theft protection
  • It includes one year of mobile service, which can be updated directly via the mobile app after the service expires

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