Review Xgody 2020 GPS Navigation for Car Truck Vehicle
Xgody 2020 GPS Navigation for Car Truck Vehicle

Car Truck Xgody GPS, 9-inch touch screen car GPS navigation system, 8GB truck GPS module and free lifetime map updates, including US, Canada, and Mexico (686F))

9 inch touch screen GPS car navigation
For drivers who love new travel adventures, XGODY GPS Navigator is the perfect companion for car trips. With simple menus and easy-to-read maps, the vehicle's GPS navigation feature allows you to quickly and gradually display tracks on a 9-inch touch screen. Traffic updates and maps contain useful driver warnings to promote safe driving.

GPS navigation for 9 inch trucks
Get HD touch GPS navigation for your beloved vehicle and never get lost on the road. With the XGODY navigation system you can find the most convenient way to get to your destination and use GPS RV vehicles to drive safely.

Our GPS device supports Muilti vehicles
GPS supports 7 vehicles, namely cars, pedestrians, bicycles, emergency vehicles, buses, taxis and trucks.

The best planning path
On private roads, the best roads can be adapted for driving and road restrictions avoided.

Custom height
Special roads, the best roads for you and your driving habits can be adapted to avoid road restrictions.

Driver alarm, like real voice transmission from a friend, upcoming narrow turns, gear change, school area, speed control area, red light alarm, etc.
Review Xgody 2020 GPS Navigation for Car Truck Vehicle
Xgody 2020 GPS Navigation for Car Truck Vehicle

FM transmitter
FM (does not mean FM radio, but transmits GPS audio to your vehicle), FM transmitter sends GPS audio with vehicle display resolution (800 x 480)

Xgody 2020 GPS Navigation for Car Truck Vehicle Specs
  • Pre-installed maps and free lifetime updates] Pre-installed 2D and 3D maps with all included US maps, including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and USA for your selection. If you want to update your car browser with the latest map for free, please send us an email to Amazon.
  • 9 "HD Touch Screen" has 800 x 480 touch screen and GPS vehicle navigation system provides fast reaction, high sensitivity and environmental adaptability. You can also see the screen clearly in the sun.
  • Professional GPS function ① 12-channel GPS for fast and accurate GPS tracking Supports postal code, address, coordinates, POI vehicle search 7 vehicle modes: car / truck / pedestrian / bicycle / emergency / bus / rental Vehicle is placed within the truck size and weight to avoid traffic restrictions.
  • Support for true voice transmission GPS navigation supports real voice transmission for men or women in more than 40 languages. Alarm settings for smart camera, roadmap, broadcast street name, current speed, active lane aide, remaining distance display and estimated arrival time.
  • 8GB RAM 256MB RAM Car GPS with 8GB RAM 256MB Supports 32GB extended memory and ample storage space for storing maps and documents. The package includes car charger, suction cup and USB cable

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