Review youyeetoo Nanopi R2S Portable DIY Router
youyeetoo Nanopi R2S Portable DIY Router
youyeetoo Nanopi R2S DIY Portable Router OpenWRT, Rockchip RK3328 Dual-Gigabit-Ethernet 1 GB DDR4-RAM Dual-Gigabit-Ethernet-LEDE board board

youyeetoo Nanopi R2S Portable DIY Router Specs
  • NanoPi R2S uses the RK3328 processor and has two Gigabit Ethernet ports and 1G DDR4 memory. FriendlyElec has moved to OpenWrt to NanoPi R2S. You can easily make it a router by simply applying a simple configuration.
  • We switched the OpenWrt system to NanoPi R2S and introduced a build and customize system.
  • By applying a few simple configurations, you act as a router. Users can easily add more functions and use them for DAN-free apps, game acceleration, personal NAS apps, remote control, smart home portals, DIY projects, etc.
  • In addition to FriendlyWRT, NanoPi R2S can also be used with Ubuntu Core and Armbian, USB can be expanded to connect to 4G unit, or with USB camera and TF card play.
  • ★ Github: We have a strong customer service team. Please email us at any time after purchase to receive a NanoPi R2S datasheet or a problem with this device. How do I send an email? Click "youyeetoo" and ask a question.

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