Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra specifications leaked
Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra specifications leaked

The owner of the known bug on Twitter Ice Universe has announced certain specifications for one of the following phones in the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series.

The Korean company is expected to launch two models of mobile phones, the first is the name standard (Galaxy Note 20) and the other is a larger model from last year (Galaxy Note 20 Ultra) instead of (Galaxy Note 20) more).

According to Ice Universe with accurate leak records, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus processor, and the phone will have a narrower edge compared to the previous model (Galaxy Note 10 Plus).

In addition to the accuracy of QHD +, the phone offers a screen with a high refresh rate of 120 Hz, unlike the Galaxy S20, the phone supports both functions. The screen also contains LTPO OLED, which provides better energy efficiency.

In terms of size, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is 0.3 mm thinner, while the front camera hole size is 1 mm smaller. Compared to the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is narrower than 0.29mm. The top and bottom edges of the phone are contracted by about 0.4 mm.

It is worth noting that a previous report indicated that Samsung intends to launch (Galaxy Note 20) mobile phones in early August next year. In addition to the new smart watches and the second generation of Samsung Foldable (Galaxy Fold) mobile phones, the Galaxy Fold must be released.

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