Samsung offers the largest 8TB SSD storage to consumers
Samsung offers the largest 8TB SSD storage to consumers

Samsung announced today (Tuesday) the launch of the next generation of QVO high-capacity QVO drives for regular consumers.

The advantage of the new storage engine Samsung 870 QVO is that it provides consumers with the maximum capacity for Samsung with a minimum capacity of 1 terabyte and a maximum capacity of 8 terabytes, two of which are 2 terabytes and 4 terabytes.

The South Korean tech giant said in an article: The new storage drives will be sold at Samsung stores and authorized stores starting Tuesday, with prices starting at $ 130 and a capacity of 1 TB. With a capacity of 8 terabytes, it will be launched in August next year. According to leaks previously released by Tom's Hardware, the capacity price can reach $ 900 when released on August 24.

The Q70870 is the successor to the Q60860 that was launched in late 2018. It is a 2.5-inch SATA drive suitable for most desktop and laptop computers and uses the 4-bit multi-level cell architecture of Samsung or QLC. The advantage of this technology is that prices remain reasonable when calculating faster transfer rates.

The new hard disk speed has been improved with a speed of 560MB / s and write speed of 530MB / s. Samsung said: In terms of random read speed, the new disc is 13% faster than the previous version.

According to Samsung, the new 8TB drive can store 2880TB of data while it is running, while the 4TB drive's small-capacity drive is 1440TB and the 2TB drive's data is 720T. The hard disk capacity is 1 TB 360 TB. Each CD is guaranteed for 3 years.

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