Sony announces a new date for the PlayStation 5 gaming event
Sony announces a new date for the PlayStation 5 gaming event

Sony today (Monday) announced a new date for the PlayStation 5 platform event, which has been postponed due to protests in the United States.

Today, the Japanese company has set June 11 as the new date for the June 4 event, which will only be used to introduce games on the platform (PlayStation 5).

Sony has already announced that it will dedicate this event to showcasing PlayStation 5 games and has committed to being active for an hour to understanding the games that players will play upon launching the platform. The next generation during the holiday season 2020.

The company announced specifications for (PlayStation 5) in March last year, including that the platform will include a dedicated version of the AMD Zen 2 eight-core processor (3.5 GHz) and a version of the AMD RDNA 2 graphics processor with a power of 10.28. Teraflop. Sony added that the platform will include 16 GB of GDDR6 RAM and 825 GB SSD.

At the specification conference (PlayStation 5), Sony focused on the ability of SSDs to accelerate game loading and compared two non-tech platforms (PlayStation 4) and (PlayStation) 5) as it took about 20 seconds. Downloading GB data took some time, and it only took 1 second to transfer 5 GB of data to another.

The company said: (PlayStation 5) will not only support NVMe SSD SSDs, but also external storage drives that will be set to support legacy gaming platforms (PlayStation 4). The company had previously announced that it would equip the platform with a 4K Blu-ray laser engine.

It should be noted that Sony previously indicated that the platform will support the display of 8K games and 4K games at a rate of 120K fps. It will also support 3D sound technology and energy-saving power saving modes and is compatible with PlayStation 4 platform games.

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