SpaceX launches the latest series of Internet satellites
SpaceX launches the latest series of Internet satellites

Less than a week after the first astronauts were launched, SpaceX launched the Falcon 9, which is equipped with 60 new Internet satellites and will be used in orbit.

The new satellite has joined the current orbit of the Starlink Project. SpaceX currently has over 480 internet satellites in orbit, and this number is only a small fraction of about 12,000 satellites in the Starlink project. The company received approval to launch.

This major project aims to provide global internet coverage in space, and the satellite aims to connect broadband connections to Earth so that customers can access the system through users ’personal stations.

The satellite that was launched this time is a little different from other satellites because it has a protective shield that blocks sunlight and prevents its reflection in the brightest parts of the satellite, especially on the antenna that makes the satellite less visible in the bright sky.

The condom is SpaceX's latest attempt to reduce the brightness of satellites. These satellites appear particularly bright in the sky at sunrise and sunset, causing them to glow in the sky, attracting the attention of astronomy. Undermine his observation of the universe.

Astronomers usually rely on photographing the night sky, and bright satellites that sweep the image leave long white streaks that ruin the image.

(SpaceX) was in constant contact with astronomers to solve the problem. The company tried to cover one of its satellites with an experimental layer to darken it. This coating led to a loss of satellite performance, although one analysis estimated that it was not sufficient to address astronomers' concerns. .

SpaceX is now trying to experiment with the sun and there are other ideas. As the company confirmed on its website, it will try to re-direct the satellite the first time the satellite is launched to reduce brightness when used in orbit. However, the unit is still under development. The program needs an update to do this.

Although the other 59 satellites launched this time do not have sunscreen, SpaceX continues to focus on ways to protect from the sun. Depending on how the experiment is performed, more protected satellites can be launched in the solar future.

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