Tesla postpones the detection of a revolutionary million-mile battery
Tesla postpones the detection of a revolutionary million-mile battery

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Saturday that the next event, called "Battery Day", will be postponed again.

Musk Tweet: (Battery Day) and the annual general meeting scheduled for July 7 of next year will be postponed, and the new date will be announced on July 4, one week after Independence Day.

It should be noted that an event (Battery Day) was originally scheduled for April of last year where Tesla would reveal details of a "million-mile" battery, but the event was based on the new Corona virus epidemic. July (Covid-19 New Coronavirus Pneumonia (COVID-19): New Coronary Pneumonia (COVID-19): COVID-19.

Reuters reported in mid-May that Tesla plans to offer a longer and cheaper battery than Chinese electric cars later this year or early next year.

The agency said the battery is called the General Battery (a million km battery). The car was developed in cooperation with the Chinese battery giant Amperex Technology and specified how long the car can last before parking. It is partially owned by Tesla Designed by a battery expert appointed by the CEO.

It should be noted that Tesla is already a leader in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. Musk told investors and analysts earlier this year that this information "will surprise you, and it surprises me."

The battery should cost per kWh. This unit is commonly used to measure the battery capacity of modern electric vehicles under $ 100. Many experts believe that by achieving this goal, Tesla or other auto manufacturers can sell electric cars at the same price as cars that use the same fuel, making it more convenient to use electric vehicles.

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