The next Samsung foldable phone won't come with the S Pen
The next Samsung foldable phone won't come with the S Pen

According to internal information from the Korean site (TheElec), Samsung decided not to equip the S Pen with the following Galaxy Fold 2 foldable phone, and the source said: Certain technical restrictions prevent the Korean giant from adding (S Pen) (Galaxy Fold 2).

It can be said that (Galaxy Fold) is one of the most innovative mobile phones in the past decade and it is the first foldable mobile phone available to the public on the market as it will redesign and adapt the future of smartphones. But this foldable future is far from meeting our real needs. The latest smartphones with glass screens.

Foldable phones have a lot to offer to make them the best smartphones on the market, and one of them is the S Pen, which makes the pen the perfect addition to this small tablet.

Despite previous rumors that were included, technology is still not available, and rumors that were released a long time ago have replaced the possibility of (Galaxy Fold 2) (S Pen), but the new information indicates the opposite.

The problem of not providing (S Pen) (Galaxy Fold 2) not entirely related to the development of the glass cover. The glass cap can withstand wrinkles and pressure from the pen, so the glass cap on the screen should be thin to match the fold. However, this reduces durability.

Samsung is currently using an ultra-slim glass (UTG) in the glass case of its foldable phone. The thickness of the glass cover for Galaxy Z Flip is about 30 ومترm, while the thickness of the glass cover for Galaxy Note 10 ranges between 0.4 and 1.2 mm.

The company considered several ways to create a glass cap that can handle both pleats and pens, and considered a thicker glass cap while the folded part was thinner.

The source added that he also checked the use of the polyimide layer: these methods are not enough to use the (Galaxy Fold 2) display (S Pen), adding that Samsung is delaying the introduction of models that can be folded. Become a pen until next year.

The Korean (Galaxy Fold 2) and (Galaxy Z Flip 5G) giants are expected to hit the market in August, while the Galaxy Fold 2 screen size exceeds 7.7 inches (7.3 inches).

Samsung plans to ship between 4.5 and 5 million of its foldable product portfolio by the end of this year.

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