Xiaomi launches Mi Band 5
Xiaomi launches Mi Band 5

Xiaomi launched the Mi Band 5 smart bracelet with a larger AMOLED color screen, improved fitness tracking and magnetic charging station. Xiaomi Mi Band offers many valuable features in a very affordable range of rental fitness trackers. .

Every generation of Mi Band fitness trackers have new features that can compel existing users to upgrade and attract new users.

In June last year, the company announced the launch of the Mi Band 4 smart bracelet with a color (OLED) screen. It also supports a large number of official external watch faces for around $ 30, and the bracelet price allows Xiaomi to sell one million. Next week to start the group.

Obviously, the first feature that attracts the attention of users will be the big screen, as the updated screen size is 1.2 inches and more than 20% of the space expands compared to the screen size of 0.95 inches (Mi Band 4) and Get (Mi Volume 5) also offers more than 100 New animated screen interface, including characters from the popular animated series.

The second important change in design is the new magnetic charging method, since the electrodes come out from the bottom (Mi Band 5), the charging station is connected automatically and this new magnetic method removes the tracker from his wrist or makes sure that it is fixed in a charge correction model, which is a problem In older versions.

The Mi Band 5 smart bracelet is also equipped with an improved processor, which enables faster and more accurate tracking and 11 fitness tracking modes. The bracelet also provides Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI), which helps you determine the environment in which you can exercise through physical activity. May contain wrist (REM) and sleep information. Deep and light for more efficiency. Track sleep.

In addition, the tracker has an integrated internal pressure gauge and can also be used as a remote control button to take pictures remotely on a mobile phone.

Xiaomi will be selling in China on June 18 (Mi Volume 5). The price of the unsupported feature (NFC) is $ 27, while the price of the supported version (NFC) is $ 32.

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