The United States started to terminate the special treatment in Hong Kong for security reasons
The United States started to terminate the special treatment in Hong Kong for security reasons

The United States began raising Hong Kong's special status under U.S. law on Monday, suspending the export of defense equipment and restricting the region's access to US high-tech products. The reason for this decision is that China is ready to introduce new security laws in Hong Kong.

The US Department of Commerce said that "Hong Kong's preferential treatment of China has been suspended, including: export license exemptions," adding that other measures will be evaluated to revive Hong Kong's privileged position. "We urge Beijing to change course immediately and appreciate its commitment to people in Hong Kong and the world," she added.

When the United States moved, the largest decision-making body of the Chinese parliament debated a national security law in Hong Kong, while the democratic movement feared the decision would be used to eliminate the opposition and the government to strengthen Beijing's control of the province.

"The Chinese Communist Party's decision to cede Hong Kong freedom has forced the Trump administration to rethink its policies in the region," said Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo. He added that Washington would end its defense in Hong Kong on Monday. Equipment export will take steps to end the export of commercial and military technology to the region.

Pompeo said: "The United States is obligated to take this step to protect the national security of the United States." He added: "We can no longer distinguish between exporting controlled substances to Hong Kong or mainland China."

Last month, President Donald Trump responded to the Chinese security law plan: he started to eradicate special economic treatment, and Hong Kong has maintained its position as a global financial center since the British surrendered in Hong Kong in 1997. Trump no longer calls for an immediate end to concessions. He agreed to practice in the region, but said: These measures will affect all agreements between the United States and Hong Kong, including extradition contracts, export controls for dual use of technology and other "exceptions".

The U.S. announcement is based on American statements that Trump's re-election campaign has firmly rejected Beijing. Polls show that voters are more angry than China, especially about the Corona Virus 19 (COVID-19) virus that started in China.

Pompeo said last week: Washington has imposed visa restrictions on current and former government officials in China, and it is believed that these officials are responsible for the attack on Hong Kong's autonomy. The Beijing side responded Monday that it will impose restrictions on granting "shameful" American people visas on Hong Kong issues.

Analysts believe that the full end of special treatment in Hong Kong may turn into a self-deception country. The United States has benefited greatly from the encouraging trade conditions in the region.

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