This is what Sony's 1 million GB storage cabinet looks like
This is what Sony's 1 million GB storage cabinet looks like

There are solutions for archiving optical data storage from Sony, and those who need access to secure read-only data (for example, corporate IT, government, health care, education, and surveillance) will use the tags.

The PetaSite Gen3 hard drive archiving technology almost adopts the Sony standard (3PB), which is called "immutable optical storage" in the industry standard shelf (42U), which is 3000 terabytes in a two-door device, the size of a cabinet.

Usually it contains a host (same drive), 535 cartridges with a capacity of 5.5 terabytes and a height of each unit (7 U) plus an import and export terminal with three automatic unloading loading and unloading locations. The host interface is 8 Gbps channel dependent fiber and GbE maintenance interface.

It may be said that you only need about 190 16 terabyte hard drives to overflow the capacity of Sony's PetaSite solution, but the archive retention time may be much shorter than that provided by Sony because Sony solutions offer after 100 years archiving cannot identify hard drives and status drives Firmware from WORM or EMP.

Sony's archive discs are six-sided duplex media that comes from the company’s work on Bluray media and can be read at 3Gbps and average write speeds of 1.5Gb / s.

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