Twitch temporarily blocks Trump due to mean behavio
Twitch temporarily blocks Trump due to mean behavio

Twitch temporarily suspended President Donald Trump's campaign account in a recent accident, and a large account from the Amazon service was suspended.

The service said: The Trump account has been suspended due to the "disturbing behavior" that was broadcast and added that the offending content has been removed.

It is worth noting that the terrible behavior in a video Tevich wants to play at Trump's account, where the president seems to mean that: Mexico is sending the rapists to the United States. The service also said it highlighted comments from Trump's recent rally in Tulsa.

A Twitch spokesperson told The Verge: "Like everyone else, Twitch politicians must adhere to the terms of use and community guidelines." He added: "We do not exclude political or current content, we will take action on the published content that violates our policies."

It is worth noting that Trump's account was banned a week after Twitch announced to take strict measures to combat social harassment after the broadcaster reported reports of attacks and harassment.

Twitch said last week: In response to the upcoming allegations, a permanent ban on broadcasters will begin. Advertiser d. Dispect was the first person to be permanently blocked. Even without publicly blaming him, the agency refused to explain the reason for his ban. Despect said he had no news because the series had disappeared.

It is worth noting that the American presidential campaign website was launched in October last year through the Twitch service, then the campaign used the channel to broadcast marches and campaigns.

Amazon bought Twitch in September 2014 for $ 1 billion. In May 2018, the service had over 2.2 million advertisers per month, 15 million daily active users, and an average of nearly a million concurrent users.

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