YouTube begins to test the Tik Tok competition feature
YouTube begins to test the Tik Tok competition feature

YouTube announced on Wednesday that it started testing a new feature in its mobile app that allows users to record short videos in a way that simulates the TikTok application.

Google said in a blog post that the new feature allows content creators to record individual short clips and then group them into clips for no more than 15 seconds. This is the default period for the Tik Tok app, except for the new Instagram (Rails) app that can reproduce the Tik Tok experience.

The site mentioned that users see a new option called (video creation) in the "video download" section of the YouTube app on their mobile device.

Similar to (Tik Tok), the user can press the record button to record a video. He can then lift his finger off the screen to finish recording and repeat this process to end the clip duration. 15 seconds, then the YouTube app collects short clips to create and publish a clip.

With the release of new features, users cannot record more than 15 seconds of the video themselves using the YouTube mobile app. Therefore, you need to use the Camera app to record long clips and then download them from Gallery. On YouTube.

Google has not disclosed any other details about the test, including: whether to include additional controls and features for short videos in the future, for example: filters, effects, augmented reality, audio background, or buttons to change the video speed . It is a function that slows down the video (Tik Tok). It is unique and hard to beat.

Note that this is not the first time that YouTube has tried to compete with Short Video Services. After Instagram stories emerged from 2016 to 2017, YouTube launched a short video feature, but was unable to compete with Instagram when needed and did not prevent (Tik Tok) from appearing.

YouTube has confirmed that the video that will be uploaded to the new test will not be uploaded as (Story), but has not provided details on how to find the new short video in the YouTube app.

The site says: testing new features starts with a small group of developers on Android and iOS. A company spokesman said the test was one of several short video tests.

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