Zuckerberg faces strong opposition from Facebook employees
Zuckerberg faces strong opposition from Facebook employees

Facebook employees cleared their offices on Monday and turned to Twitter to accuse CEO (Mark Zuckerberg) of not completely modifying President (Donald Trump) 's contributions as a competitive platform.

Employees have published dozens of articles criticizing Zuckerberg's decision to abandon Trump's words and beautify the violence that Twitter has described without objection. Some executives participated in the protests and remembered Google in 2018.

The accident was a rare event in which the employee spoke publicly against the company CEO, and among the opponents, the seven team engineers were responsible for maintaining the interactive code base of the Facebook app.

"Facebook's recent decision not to take action against violent incitement to news has ignored other options to protect our community and we appeal to Facebook leaders to act," the group said in a joint statement on Twitter.

"Mark is wrong, I will try to change my mind by raising my voice," Ryan Freitas, director of product design (Latest News), said on Facebook. It also attracted about 50 people and shared their ideas. Internal changes.

Instagram Product Manager (Katie Zhu) posted a Tweet with a screenshot showing that she entered the #BlackLivesMatter tag to describe her leave request. Contrary to Zuckerberg's decision.

"Facebook will allow employees who participate in the protests to go on vacation without taking time off," said Andy Stone spokesman, Facebook. "We are aware of the pain many of us are suffering now, especially black people in society. We encourage staff," he said. If they disagree with the administration, I must speak publicly. ""

In addition, Talkspace, the online healer, said they had finished discussing the partnership on Facebook, and company CEO (Oren Frank) posted a tweet saying he did not support violent platforms. Racism and lies.

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