Amazon expands Alexa's ability to control applications
Amazon expands Alexa's ability to control applications

Amazon adds a new feature to Alexa functionality that allows voice assistants to use voice commands to run Android and iOS apps. So Amazon hopes to be able to reach users directly via mobile phones.

This is the first bold expansion of Amazon's strategy to use Alexa as an alternative platform for the Apple Assistant and Google Assistant.

The e-commerce giant launched a new feature called Alexa for Apps as a beta preview.

This means that Amazon is working with specific developers to use it, so developers can add Android functionality with this feature to Android and iOS apps.

Amazon assumes that users will ask Alexa to open the Twitter platform and search for tags. With this function, Alexa can launch the Twitter app and enter search terms. The results are then displayed on the phone rather than read aloud.

Amazon is also considering using voice commands to launch the Video Tuk Tuk Video app and start recording hands-free videos when the user registers.

This functionality enables new types of interactions. Amazon hopes these interactions will improve Alexa's functionality and position it as a serious competitor to Apple and Google for OS digital assistants who can access the system. more powerful. Scope and functions.

Amazon tried launching its phone for an Android-derived version in 2014, but it failed.

Although tablets, Echo, and (Fire TV) devices continue to use more advanced versions of this HTTP operating system, Amazon has encountered difficulties because it cannot communicate with consumers directly through devices. Mobile without going through Apple and Google first.

Since many applications have been integrated into Apple Assistant and Google Assistant, developers now have to integrate it into Amazon Assistant, developers have to work harder with this functionality, which hinders offering this functionality.

Therefore, Amazon publishes the feature first as a trial preview, then as a trial version and then as a consumer feature.

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