Amazon is significantly updating the Alexa PDA app
Amazon is significantly updating the Alexa PDA app

Amazon announced today (Monday) that it has launched the completely redesigned Alexa app for iPhone, Apple smartphones and Android tablets from Google and its Amazon Fire computer.

While the Alexa digital assistant is usually paired with smart speakers like Echo and Fire TV, it can also be used on other operating systems that do many of the same things as the digital assistant like Apple (Siri) and (Google Assistant). However, the current app (Alexa) is difficult to use because it provides random unused prompts on the home screen and forces users to search the list to find different settings.

The company is trying to fix this issue in a new update, and Amazon says it will make the most used features affordable. In the new app, users can see their reminders, the Spotify playlist they are listening to, the shopping list, upcoming warnings and audiobooks they play. This means that Alexa's main screen is different from other people's screens.

The company also moved the (Alexa) button up from the bottom of the application and said: It is easy to find. Reminders, routines, skills, settings, and other options have been moved from the menu to the new (plus) button at the bottom of the screen because it is hard to find and therefore difficult to find.

Amazon said: The update is expected to be available to all existing users in late August.

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