An Instagram bug showing camera cursor in iOS 14
An Instagram bug showing camera cursor in iOS 14

Many Instagram app users have reported unexpected behavior in Apple's current iOS 14 beta, which shows them a green indicator ("in front of the camera") when searching the feed while using the app. 'The application, even if they do not take any pictures or editing is the same. Video.

An Instagram spokesman said in an email to The Verge: This behavior is wrong and has been fixed. While using Instagram “Creative Mode” the camera signal can be activated, as well as activated by the gap just passed through the feed.

The spokesman also said, "We will only enter the camera if you ask us to, just like you pass the feed to the camera. We found a bug in the iOS 14 beta we are developing, and this leads to some people from. You can use the camera when you are not using it." : "In this case we cannot access the camera and we will not record anything."

This behavior is believed to be part of a new user notification in iOS 14, which informs the user of the app's behavior, for example copying to the clipboard. It has been found that many iOS apps (like Tik Tok, Linkedin, and Reddit) can access the contents of the user folder because the system detects that the external application is trying to access the user folder. The device shows a notification to the user.

It should be noted that a similar problem appeared in the Facebook app (the company that Instagram belongs to) on iOS last November. Then the company said: What happened to some users who used their iPhone app? The camera was turned on secretly (at the end of the news) while browsing the site, perhaps due to a mistake that denies that it was a spy problem for them.

A Facebook user on the iPhone has warned the company against using the phone's camera secretly while browsing the app and posting a video explaining its discovery. "I found a privacy and security issue on Facebook," Joshua Maddox said in a tweet on Twitter. After opening the application, you will actively use the camera. I found an app error that allows you to watch the latest news while the camera is running in the background. Please note that the camera appears mat.

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