App Store Chief: Apple wants to create a level playing field for developers
App Store Chief: Apple wants to create a level playing field for developers

Tomorrow, Apple CEO Tim Cook will ask questions from US lawmakers whether his app store practices give him unfair control over independent application developers.

Apple strictly controls the App Store - this is the goal of its service business with annual sales of $ 46.3 billion. Developers criticized Apple for buying commissions between 15% and 30% in many app stores.

“When the App Store was launched in 2008, there were 500 apps and CEO from Apple found that the store offer is too small,” Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of global marketing and general manager of the App Store, said in an interview with Reuters. Commission rate to attract developers will be an experience.

Schiller said: "The only thing we came up with is that we treat all apps in the App Store evenly. This is a set of rules for everyone. There are no special transactions, no special conditions, no special conditions. Code, all positions apply to all developers. On the way To monotheism. "

(Ben Pagarin) Director of Creative Strategies, Head of Consumer Technology said: In the mid-2000s, physical store sales were planning to pay for space and fame that could cost up to 50% of the retail price. This is not suitable for young developers.

Pagarin said: The predecessor of the app store was Handango, which almost enabled developers to deliver apps to Palm and other device users over the air in 2005, and they charged 40% commission. . In the App Store, "Apple has moved to a whole new level. If it reaches 30%, it will get better."

However, the app store has its own rules under which Apple can check every app and enforce the accounting system. Schiller said: Apple executives believe that users who believe their payment information is properly protected will have more confidence in purchasing apps.

"We believe that the privacy of our customers is protected this way," Schiller said. Imagine having to enter a credit card and pay for each app you previously used. “”

Apple developers have been complaining about these commissions for years. Schiller said: Apple's shrinking quotas help developers deploy a complete system that employs thousands of Apple engineers to maintain secure servers for developers to deploy applications and developers to create and create tools for them. the exam.

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