Artificial Intelligence turns home videos into animations
Artificial Intelligence turns home videos into animations

If you've ever wondered what an animation would look like, you can now know that developers (Tejas Mahajan and Niraj Pandkar) have developed an AI-based tool that allows you to convert your photos and videos into animations.

Cartoonizer is based on a research report prepared by two researchers from the University of Tokyo (Wang Xinrui and Yu Jinze). The Cartoonizer AI tool uses its open source application to create a publicly available demo and uses a GPU server to derive videos and CPU images.

Manual attempts for the Cartoonizer tool to create incorrect fake animations, but the video is impressive. Check out the following animation scenes in (Marvel Avengers):

(Mahajan and Pandkar) believe that this tool can quickly create a template for animation, animation and games because they think these tools can produce simple graphics and add short scenes to games. It can also help animation designers work.

(Mahajan and Pandkar) plan to open source code and write articles about architecture in the coming days.

The tool can only handle videos of up to 10 seconds. If you upload a video for more than 10 seconds, only the first 10 seconds are considered. The allowed video file size is 30MB. Supported image file formats are: (jpeg, png), and supported video file formats: (mp4, webm, avi, mkv g) Images (GIF / TIFF) are not supported, however, your data will be deleted depending on the tool when playback is played Explanatory.
Where can I use Cartoonizer?

Some areas where we believe the tool can be used:

Create fast animations and game models.
Since this tool is generally affected by facial features and information, it can be used to create simple graphics.
The game can easily import short scenes without using (motion capture).
This tool can be used as an assistant for animation designers.

Meanwhile, Android and iPhone users can try the tool, while Mac and Windows PC users can try it (Cartoonizer).

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