Blackmagic announces 12K camera
Blackmagic announces 12K camera

(Blackmagic) announced the first 12K camera called (Ursa Mini Pro 12K). Thus, the new camera is a high-resolution version of the current camera (Ursa Mini Pro), which captures images with a 4.6K camera.

The new model has a sensor (Super 35) with a resolution of 12,288 x 6,480 pixels and a ratio (DCI 17: 9).

The sensor can capture 12-kilo (BRAW) shots at 60 fps, 8k at 110fps, 6k at 110fps and 4k at 220fps without cropping or grouping them.

In addition to the internal CFast and SD UHS-II slots, there is a (USB-C) connection to record to an external hard drive.

The camera comes with a frame frame compatible with many high-end movie lenses, but it can be replaced with brackets (Canon EF) and (Nikon F).

Additional functions are Integrated Filters (ND) and second generation expansion ports (USB-C 3.1). Transfer data to an external SSD faster.

There is an interesting function (RAW recording on two cards) that the camera can simultaneously record on two cards (CFast) or (SD). CFast and SD card registration speeds are 900Mbps or 500Mbps. ).

Nobody obviously has a 12K TV, so this camera is not necessarily designed for projects that feature in 12K resolution.

Conversely, Blackmagic says: Additional pixels can help produce better 8K or 4K images by reducing pixels, and you can cut post-production without losing resolution.

Blackmagic's DaVinci Resolve software can assist in editing 12K snapshots, while the camera's built-in compression feature can save 4K, 6K and 8K shots simultaneously for instant export.

URSA Mini Pro 12K is expected to be available in July 2020 and will cost $ 9995.

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