Facebook continues to boycott Canada's largest bank joins
Facebook continues to boycott Canada's largest bank joins

Major Canadian banks confirmed on Friday that they had joined a massive boycott on Facebook. American civil rights organizations have begun taking measures to compel the world's largest social media platform to take concrete measures to prevent hate speech.

So far, more than 400 brands have announced the removal of Facebook ads as part of the "Stop Hate and Rich Rich" campaign, which started on May 25 in the U.S. with the arrest of Black Minneapolis · Floyd (George Floyd), Matt.

The Bank of Canada said the Royal Canadian Bank, TD Bank of Toronto, Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of Montreal and Bank of Montreal. Canadian National Bank and the Canadian Imperial Bank: In July this year, they will stop advertising on Facebook.

Canada's largest credit group, Desjardins Group, announced on its website on Thursday that it will temporarily stop advertising on Facebook and Instagram this month. "Unless there are special circumstances, we must communicate with members or clients." Most banks have committed to engage and diversify.

A Facebook spokesman said: The company is ready to conduct civil rights reviews and has banned 250 organizations promoting white domination of Facebook and Instagram. She added that her investment in artificial intelligence managed to find nearly 90% of hate speech before the users' report.

(Bank of Montreal) said: "He continued an ongoing dialogue with Facebook to discuss changes that could be made to his platform to reduce the spread of hate speech." One of the ways to help clients and the community is to stand up, the Royal Canadian Bank said: "Wrong information and hate speech will make systematic racism more common."

The boycott cannot have much financial impact on Facebook. Facebook said last year that the top 100 advertisers represented less than 20% of ad revenue. The county had previously cost Facebook a market value of $ 56 billion.

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