Facebook surrenders to TikTok and decides to quit the Lasso app
Facebook surrenders to TikTok and decides to quit the Lasso app

Facebook decided yesterday (Wednesday) to end the Hobbi app, which was launched last February for mobile devices, and that works similarly to Pinterest's network for publishing photos.

But it's not the only app (hobby), as the social networking giant has also decided to end the lasso app that competes with TikTok. Although it is only 5 months away from Hubei, Lasso started more than a year and a half in November 2018.

Facebook said: The requests will expire on July 10. (Lasso) Allows users like Tik Tok to record videos with audio background of 15 seconds or less.

A Facebook spokesman told CNBC: "We have placed multiple bets on a number of applications to test and understand how people want to express themselves." He added: "One of these tests is (Lasso): In short, the standalone video app from Google, we decided not to remove the app from all app stores on July 10. We thank everyone who shared their creativity and feedback, and we hope it will be included in other video experiences."

It should be noted that (Lasso) is only available in the following countries, according to the application analysis company cited by CNBC: Colombia, Mexico, USA, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador and Uruguay sensor towers. The network also quoted the company as saying, "So far, Lasso has produced an estimated 10 million downloads from the App Store and Google Play."

To compete with Chinese Tik Tok (ByteDance) with over 2 billion downloads, Instagram on Facebook on behalf of Reels has developed a new service that combines voice and images similar to Tik Tok. .

Instagram was launched in Brazil (Rails) in November last year, then in two new countries at the end of last month: France and Germany.

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