Instagram tests the status of all stories on one page
Instagram tests the status of all stories on one page

The history function of Instagram has enabled users to become one of the best Facebook products in the past four years. As of last year, nearly half of Instagram users (about 500 million users) interacted with the story every day.

To understand the success of this feature, it suffices to note that the daily number of users is more than twice the number of all users of the daily Snapchat service, even if the functionality was originally simulated by Snapchat. Instagram is now testing a new way to extend the story experience to the main characters in implementation.

Instagram - the story feature that first launched in the summer of 2016 - has started testing a feature that allows users to watch more stories together. In testing, when the Instagram app opens, the user initially sees two lines of stories at the top of the screen, not the current line on the current screen, but there is a button at the bottom. If you click the button, all stories will appear on the previous page of the display screen.

Last week, California's social media director (Julian Campua) became the first director to oversee this new role. Through his account, he posted a screenshot of the new job on Twitter. .

After contacting Instagram, the company confirmed that TechCrunch is currently using a small number of users to test jobs. The company declined to provide further details, but said: The test was taken more than a month ago.

It is believed that this Instagram movement is not surprising due to its efforts, and Facebook has tried several ideas that inspire more users to interact with the story, especially because their growth is especially important for advertisers, so in 2019 this feature (the story) was one of the main growth areas in the quarter Third of 2015, it was found that among the 7 million advertisers, 3 million people worked together on Instagram stories. Facebook and Messenger. In the fourth quarter, the number of advertisers using stories increased to 4 million.

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