Google brings the smart reply feature to YouTube
Google brings the smart reply feature to YouTube

Google announced on Wednesday that the SmartRponse feature has been launched on popular YouTube video sharing, which uses artificial intelligence to suggest rapid responses to comments and messages.

The tech giant of America said in an article: YouTube developers can use the Smart Answer feature to respond to user comments on videos in English and Spanish. The company said the feature would only provide "potentially useful" suggestions.

"[SmartRhness for YouTube] makes it easier for developers to interact with viewers," said Rami Rufo, a Google researcher. "The model is learned through an AI model that is effective in terms of accounts. Represents comments and answers represents the first language (smart answer). ""

Google said: The latest version of the (smart reply) feature was released after the launch of Gmail's email service, Android messaging app, and previous version of Android Wear Smart Watch. Intensive training is required. Compared to emails that are usually long and dominated by official languages, YouTube comments include language changes, abbreviations, spoken language, and examples of inconsistent punctuation and emoji.

According to Google, the current Smart Answer method is only available in English and Spanish, but its flexibility will allow it to be expanded to other languages ​​in the future.

Some people say this is the first release of YouTube (smart response), and at the same time Google has launched an updated version of the function (Smart Compose), which also uses artificial intelligence to use the word Google for the keyboard (Gibord)) recommended Gboard in the current sentence . Note that this version is still beta.

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